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Consumer Culture

Consumer Culture

Gjoko Muratovski


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We live in a society that defines us by what we consume and how. Every day we make purchasing decisions that express our sense of belonging, our commitments to the environment, and our systems of belief. We often choose to buy things, not necessarily because we need them, but because we believe that these things will help us express who we are - in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. Whether we like it or not, consumerism is the prevalent ideology of our time. Led by Gjoko Muratovski, Consumer Culture is the ideal starting point for an investigation into the social construction of the global economy.

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Consumer Culture: An Introduction 1
Chapter 1 Icons of Popular Culture: Religious Dimensions of Branding 9
Chapter 2: Business, National Identities and International Politics: The Role of Built Environments and Architectural Propaganda in Nation Branding 41
Chapter 3: Race, Advertisements and YouTube: Identity and Nationality 75
Chapter 4: The Use of Gold Rush Nostalgia on Wine Labels: Brief History of New Zealand’s Central Otago Wine Region 99
Chapter 5: Mad Men and Women: Construction and Management of Advertising Executives in Popular Culture 119
Chapter 6: The Big Earn: A Study of Criminal Business Enterprises in Popular Culture 139
Chapter 7: Brand IKEA in a Global Cultural Economy: A Case Study 157
Chapter 8: The ‘Good’ Corporation: The Uneasy Relationship Between Reputation and Responsibility 173
Chapter 9: Acceleration in Consumerism, Technology and Sustainability 195
Notes on Contributors 215
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