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Aiming High

Aiming High

Florian Ranft


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Progressive politics finds itself in an incredibly testing era. The accelerating economic, social and political shifts put vast pressure on progressive movements. Being electorally challenged by the conservative right and the radical left they struggle to appeal to voters or bear the fruits of their time in government.

The coming decades offer both great opportunities – the chance for entrepreneurs to develop new, efficient and innovative businesses creating jobs, economic growth and high returns on investment – and high risks, especially for unskilled workers from traditional industries and routine services, placing significant strains on existing social security systems. The centre left imperatively needs to develop a progressive policy offer and narrative that puts social modernisation and a positive vision of the innovation economy at the centre.

This special Policy Network volume offers fresh analyses and reform proposals for the centre left in Europe and worldwide. It brings together a wide array of authors and ideas focusing on institutional change, new policies and political narratives to meet the challenges of progressive governance in a high-opportunity, high-risk era.