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Law Express: Tort Law

Law Express: Tort Law

Emily Finch | Stefan Fafinski


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Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Half Title Page i
Title Page iii
Copyright Page iv
Contents v
Acknowledgements vii
Introduction viii
Guided tour x
Table of cases and statutes xii
Chapter 1 Negligence: The duty of care 1
Chapter 2 Negligence: Breach of duty 29
Chapter 3 Negligence: Causation and remoteness of damage 49
Chapter 4 Vicarious liability 69
Chapter 5 Employers’ liability and breach of statutory duty 87
Chapter 6 Occupiers’ liability 105
Chapter 7 Nuisance 123
Chapter 8 Rylands v Fletcher 143
Chapter 9 Trespass to land 157
Chapter 10 Trespass to the person 169
Chapter 11 Liability for defective products 187
Chapter 12 Defamation and privacy 199
Chapter 13 Defences 221
Chapter 14 Remedies 239
And finally, before the exam . . . 253
Glossary of terms 267
Index 270