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Children's and Young People's Nursing in Practice

Children's and Young People's Nursing in Practice

Valerie Coleman | Lynda Smith | Maureen Bradshaw


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This innovative textbook uses a problem-based learning (PBL) approach to cover content that is most common to child branch nursing courses. The evidence-based PBL 'triggers' are grounded in the reality of everyday contemporary nursing practice, and readers are engaged in an active learning process in order to develop key skills for clinical practice and life long learning. The book features individual chapters focusing on the different care environments that student nurses experience when caring for children, young people and families within health and social care. It is not necessary for readers to be undertaking a PBL structured course in order to use, and benefit from, this text.
VALERIE COLEMAN, LYNDA SMITH AND MAUREEN BRADSHAW are experienced children's nurses and lecturers with expertise in taking a problem-based learning approach to children's nursing courses. They have previously published Family Centred Care (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002).

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Contents v
Foreword vii
Preface viii
Contributors x
1 Introduction to Problem-based Learning 1
2 Developing Skills for Independent Learning 17
3 Contemporary Family-centred Care 30
4 Promoting Child Health 60
5 Safeguarding Children 116
6 Ambulatory Care 148
7 Acute Care 182
8 Paediatric Critical Care Practice 210
9 Neonatal Intensive Care 244
10 Children with Life Limiting and Life Threatening Disease 290
11 Long-term Care 338
12 Continuing Professional Development in Children's Nursing 389
Index 427
A 427
B 427
C 427
D 429
E 429
F 429
G 430
H 430
I 430
J 431
K 431
L 431
M 431
N 431
O 431
P 431
R 433
S 433
T 434
U 434
V 434
W 434
Y 434