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Issues, Debates and Approaches in Psychology

Issues, Debates and Approaches in Psychology

Ian Fairholm


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Where did psychology originate? How has it evolved? These questions are at the heart of understanding the key debates that are central to psychology.   In this highly approachable introduction, Fairholm tackles the big questions in psychology covering the ever controversial nature vs. nurture debate, free will and determinism, and other important topics. Whatever your level of study, this introduction will guide you through the most important issues that psychologists continue to dispute in the twenty-first century.
IAN FAIRHOLM is Teaching Fellow in Psychology at the University of Bath, UK. He has been teaching Psychology for over 10 years predominantly at undergraduate level but has also done some A level and postgraduate teaching.
A fascinating insight into psychology "behind the scenes". Ian Fairholm has written an authoritative and accessible account of what makes the subject of psychology really tick.' - Mike Cardwell, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Bath Spa University, UK, and a  former Chief Examiner

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cove
Contents vii
Acknowledgements viii
Note from series editors ix
1 Introduction and Overview 1
2 Approaches in Psychology 19
3 Ethical Issues in Psychology 1 29
4 Ethical Issues in Psychology 2 60
5 The Nature and Nurture Debate 84
6 Gender Bias 121
7 Cultural Bias 135
8 Determinism and Free Will 152
9 Reductionism 169
10 Conclusions 183
Glossary 196
References 207
Index 214
Reading Guide 218