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Ethics, Law and Professional Issues

Ethics, Law and Professional Issues

Ann Gallagher | Sue Hodge


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As a healthcare practitioner, you will face a broad range of professional
dilemmas in your everyday practice. From seeking consent to upholding
patient confidentiality, you'll rely on your knowledge of ethics, the law
and professional codes of conduct to guide your actions. Balancing these
three strands can be difficult, but with detailed scenarios and accessible
discussion, this book guides you through the complexities of practice.
Taking a practice-based approach, the text explores the combination of
ethical, legal and professional issues which characterise the field of
healthcare. A range of experienced contributors come together to
? detailed analysis of confidentiality, accountability, consent, capacity
and justice, all grounded within the daily practice context;
? authoritative guidance through discussion of legal cases, excerpts
from statutes and extracts from professional guidelines;
? realistic scenarios drawn from a range of health settings, unravelling
and illustrating the guidelines, statutes and policies which influence
? advice on balancing the conflicting pressures of the modern healthcare
context, from facing time limitations to challenging the unprofessional
practice of others.
Ethics, Law and Professional Issues puts you at the centre of some of a
practitioner's most difficult decisions. It is therefore an essential resource
for any student of healthcare looking to develop an ethically, legally
and professionally sound approach to practice.
ANN GALLAGHER Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, Kingston University and St George's University of London, UK. She is a member of several clinical and research ethics committees and of the editorial and advisory boards of Nursing Ethics and Ethics and Social Welfare. Her research and publications are in the field of applied and professional ethics.
SUE HODGE Lecturer in Law at theUniversity of Surrey, UK.
This is an excellent book. It gives practical examples of applications of the principles of ethics. It thus makes a sometimes dry, abstract topic come alive.' - Dorothy Adam, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Robert Gordon University, UK

'Very well written and clearly presented with relevant scenarios to aid understanding. One of the best books for nursing undergraduates on this subject that I have come across!' - Eleanor Jack, Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University, UK 

I really like this book as the content relates directly to practice, making the information appealing to practitioners in the various fields of healthcare.' - Carol Taylor, Programme Leade,r Department of Health Care Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


'The scenarios and the practical application are a major strength of the text. Its interdisciplinary approach means that I would recommend this book to student nurses, paramedics, and assistant practitioners.'

– Julie-Ann Hayes, Senior Lecturer in Law and Ethics, Liverpool John Moores University, UK


'Excellent book. Good application and facilitates learning.' - Tracey Barnfather, Division of Adult Nursing, University of Northampton, UK


'This is a must have for any first year student nurse. It is very readable, doesn't waffle, gives plenty of information and is easy to dip in and out of.' - Iffa Settle, Programme Leader, Department of Health and Social Care, York College, UK  


'... I teach ethical principles with midwifery students and this text can be applied to midwifery. I particularly like the case study examples given as these can be so useful in providing material for discussion and debate around ethical principles. The application to practice is vital.' - Judith Davies, Institute of Health and Society, University of Worcester , UK


'An easy to read and understand book. Ideal as an introduction to professional issues.' - Chris Moat, Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science, School of Nursing, Teesside University, UK


'Underpinning the Foundation Degree is a clear understanding of Legal & Ethical Issues in Health and Social Care. This text covers all the relevant areas in a user friendly clear text that will become essential reading for students on the course' - Patricia Brown Work Based Education Facilitator, School of Health and Social Sciences, University of Bolton, UK

'Excellent reference book... A must for all health and social care students.' - Tina Duffy, Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care, North West Regional College, UK

'Because this text has a lot of scenarios for the reader to consider that have been developed or taken from real practice they resonate with students. The students on my module are practising health professionals from a variety of backgrounds and thus the range of scenarios enables all students to consider issues from the perspective of their own practice.' - Kevin Power, School of Nursing and Midwifery, De Montfort University, UK  


'a good text for students to draw upon in their professional studies modules at all levels and for utilising once qualified as occupational therapists.' - Liz Cade, Senior Lecturer, Department of Health Studies, Glyndwr University, UK


'A very easy read and informative. Up to date and well referenced' - Carol-Anne Westwell, Nursing Lecturer, School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University, UK  

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Half-Title i
Title iii
Copyright iv
Contents v
List of illustrations vi
List of cases vii
List of statutes ix
Acknowledgements x
Notes on contributors xi
1 Introduction 1
2 Accountability 26
3 Informed consent: adults with capacity Kevin Acott and Steve Searby 43
4 Consent when capacity is compromised 61
5 Truth telling 78
6 Confidentiality 94
7 Justice and fairness 109
8 Responding to unprofessional practice 125
9 Promoting professional healthcare practice 143
10 Conclusion 160
Further reading and resources 163
Index 167