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Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process

Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process

Isha McKenzie-Mavinga


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The impact of slavery and colonialism still reverberates in black and ethnic minority communities, but counsellors are often given little training on how to respond effectively to the profound effects on their clients. Inspired by the author's own research, this book explores creatively how the therapeutic relationship with people of African or Caribbean heritage can better take account of such deep-seated intercultural issues.

Offering real-life stories, examples and poetry extracts, the author reflects on students' and practitioners' understanding of their own connections with black issues and draws on layers of experience to give practical advice. Filled with thoughtful and supportive guidance, the book:
- provides direct techniques to assist empathic therapeutic work with the hurt of racism
- explores questions that have been asked by practising and trainee therapists
- develops readers' understanding of key issues in a global and historical context
- encourages practitioners to broaden their experience of working with black issues.

This unique and engaging book offers invaluable insight for all students, counsellors and health care professionals who are seeking better understanding in their work with people of black African/Caribbean origin.
Packed with illustrative examples from real life therapy, this book beautifully demonstrates the importance of cultural heritage to the therapeutic process

'She is an engaging writer who uses both storytelling and poetry to help illuminate the reader's understanding of black ancestral experiences...McKenzie Mavinga has an integrated holistic approach to race.  I have noticed that there is a shortage of books of this type on university booklists.  This title deserves a prime place on the shelves of both trainers and therapists.' - Susie Holden Smith, Therapy Today
'...a timely and valuable contribution to the emerging literature on black issues in counselling and psychotherapy...' - Times Higher Education, Psychology Network Newsletter
'Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process really is essential reading... The exercises suggested in this book would make for a solid base for a training module for all health professionals, before or after qualifying.' - Cicely Gill, Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal
'...whatever your race, Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process will cause you to reflect constructively on ideas and issues that you will not have considered before. And that must be to everyone's benefit.' - Richard Bryant-Jefferies, NHS Foundation Trust
ISHA MCKENZIE-MAVINGA is a published author, Psychotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Trainer& Supervisor in the UK. She has twenty years of teaching experience and lectures on transcultural counselling at London Metropolitan University.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Contents v
Foreword vi
Acknowledgements ix
A Space to Contemplate x
Introduction 1
Part I: Shared Concerns 11
1 A Can of Worms 13
2 Feeling It in Our Bones 39
3 A Black Empathic Approach 57
Part II: Recognition Trauma 75
4 Healing Ancestral Baggage 77
5 The Black Western Archetype 94
6 Cultural Schizophrenia 117
Part III: Finding a Voice 137
7 Breaking the Bonds 139
8 The Wounded Warrior 157
Part IV: A Bridge from Fear to Transformation 177
9 Therapeutic Style and Approach to Client Work 179
10 Going All the Way 202
Afterword 222
References 223
Suggested Reading 227
Index 231
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