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The Sociology of Long Term Conditions and Nursing Practice

The Sociology of Long Term Conditions and Nursing Practice

Elaine Denny | Sarah Earle


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In recent years there have been major developments in how long term conditions are managed and so it is important nurses understand the rationale behind policy initiatives and their implications for practice. This timely book provides a unique examination of the sociology surrounding long term conditions and the experiences of the patients who have them. It examines the social context of chronic illness and contains individual chapters on the common long term conditions present in the United Kingdom today.

An insightful examination of the sociology surrounding major long term conditions, this is the final volume in the successful Sociology in Nursing Practice series. Demonstrating a high level of scholarship, it makes excellent use of current research to illuminate the social context of long term conditions and the patient's experience.
ELAINE DENNY is Professor of Health Sociology and Head of Health Policy and Public Health Division at Birmingham City University, UK. She has a background in hospital and community nursing and taught health sociology to students on health related courses for 20 years. Elaine has co-authored with Sarah Earle a health sociology text Sociology for Nurses
SARAH EARLE is Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care at the Open University. She has taught sociology as applied to health and healthcare for over 15 years and has published widely in this field. Sarah has co-authored with Elaine Denny a health sociology text Sociology for Nurses.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Contents v
List of tables and figures vii
Series Editors’ Preface viii
Acknowledgements x
Notes on contributors xi
Introduction 1
Part I: Introduction 5
1 Chronic illness, disability and the politics of health 7
2 Long term conditions, policy and practice 29
3 Researching people with long term conditions 55
Part II: Introduction 79
4 'It takes your breath away': the social setting of COPD 85
5 Coronary heart disease: moving from acute to long-term accounts 108
6 Policy and practice for diabetes care 127
7 'Getting to know myself': changing needs and gaining knowledge among people with cancer 151
8 HIV/AIDS: a highly stigmatized long term condition 169
9 Witness and duty: answering the call to speak for dementia sufferers in advanced illness 189
10 Social perspectives on depression 209
11 Obesity: a long term condition? 228
12 Heartsink patients and intractable conditions 246
Concluding reflections 266
Index 273
A 273
B 273
C 274
D 276
E 277
F 278
G 278
H 278
I 279
J 280
K 280
L 280
M 281
N 281
O 282
P 282
Q 284
R 284
S 284
T 286
U 286
V 286
W 286
Z 286