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Foundations of Nursing Practice

Foundations of Nursing Practice

Richard Hogston | Barbara Marjoram


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This is the key text for introductory level nursing, covering all the core areas. Practical and great value, it is comprehensive and also contains new chapters on cutting edge topics. Alongside an all-new companion website, this is an outstanding edition for CFP study from a tried and trusted team.


'This is an excellent text which will provide relevant information to take the student right through the Common Foundation Programme. It is easy to read, well set out, applicable to all branches of nursing and up to date.'

- Jill Kneath-Jones, University of Glamorgan, UK

RICHARD HOGSTON Dean of the Faculty of Health at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and is also Chair of the Cross Leeds Education Partnership Forum.
BARBARA MARJORAM Senior Lecturer in Nursing in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton, UK.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Contents v
List of Figures vii
List of Tables viii
List of Charts ix
Notes on Contributors x
Acknowledgements xii
Introduction xiv
A Guide to the Book xvii
Part I: Nursing Skills and Concepts 1
1 Managing Nursing Care 2
2 Social Behaviour and Professional Interactions 22
3 Challenges to Professional Practice 46
4 Developing Skills for Reflective Practice 70
Part II: Nursing Interventions 93
5 Infection Control 94
6 Administration of Medications 104
7 Eating and Drinking 137
8 Elimination 162
9 Respiration 194
10 Circulation 216
11 Wound Management 238
12 Moving and Handling 267
13 Dying, Death and Spirituality 291
14 Drug and Alcohol Misuse 319
Part III: Professional Issues 347
15 Body Image and Sexuality 348
16 Genetics Knowledge within an Ethical Framework 369
17 Nursing Practice in an Interprofessional Context 392
18 Public Health in Nursing 413
19 Health Informatics 440
20 Developing Effective Leadership and Management Skills 466
21 Answers to Test Yourself! Questions 491
Index 499