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Understanding Transference

Understanding Transference

Lesley Murdin


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Emotional links between therapists and their clients can help or hinder the therapeutic process. This comprehensive book examines how the main approaches deal with transference, looking at the technical and ethical difficulties in understanding transference from a theoretical point of view and with clinical illustration.

...useful, lively and thought-provoking...' - Therapy Today

LESLEY MURDIN is a psychodynamic psychotherapist and Head of Training at WPF, London, UK. She is the ethics officer of the UKCP and is Reviews Editor for the International Journal of Psychotherapy. Her past publications include How Much Is Enough?: Endings in Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Contents vii
Foreword viii
Acknowledgements xi
Introduction 1
1 The Story of Transference 8
2 Transference and its Mirror Image: Counter-transference 29
3 Family Patterns 49
4 How Does the Use of the Transference Concept Help Clinicians? 71
5 The Nature of the Evidence Base for Analytic Therapy 91
6 How Much Can We Achieve Through Analysing Transference Patterns? 116
7 Ethical Problems 138
8 Can You Teach and Learn to Practise Therapy Through the Use of Transference? 162
References 182
Index 188
A 188
B 188
C 188
D 188
E 188
F 188
G 189
H 189
I 189
J 189
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