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The Male In Analysis

The Male In Analysis

Anastasios Gaitanidis


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The analysis of masculine issues is increasingly seen as a key cultural and therapeutic concern. This book focuses on masculinity and male identity in the context of psychoanalysis. Individual chapters address the historical positioning of the male psyche, contemporary debates on what it is to be male and advocate a new model of masculinity.
DR ANASTASIOS GAITANIDIS is a Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling at Roehampton University, a Visiting Lecturer in Psychodynamic Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, and an Associate Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the Open University, UK. He is also a Psychodynamic Counsellor/Psychotherapist in private practice and a member of BACP, BPS and the SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. He is the editor of Narcissism – A Critical Reader (2007) and he is co-editor of Authoring the Sublime with Dr Tessa Adams.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Contents v
Introduction 1
1 Locating the Male within the Psychoanalytic Tradition 9
2 Wrestling with Male(ness): Deconstructing the Virtual Macho World in Psychoanalysis and Culture 22
3 The Myth of Latency and the Construction of Boyhood 38
4 Narcissism, Mourning and the 'Masculine' Drive 53
5 The Phantom of the Primal Father 66
6 On Men's Friendships with Other Men 79
7 Deconstructing the Homosexual–Heterosexual Divide 93
8 The Fear of Male Humiliation 109
9 Achieving Our Country: Ethnic Difference and White Men's Racism 121
Conclusion 134
References 137
Index 143