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Adolescence and Adulthood

Adolescence and Adulthood

Leo Hendry | Marion Kloep


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From the teenage years to retirement, each phase of life presents different challenges and new experiences.
Examining the patterns of development throughout the lifespan, the authors provide key insights into how we experience the world, and they examine how established theories have been challenged by recent changes to the understanding of human development.
Whatever your level of study, this absorbing introduction will give you a deeper appreciation of the different life phases and how psychological principles aid our understanding of them.
LEO B. HENDRY is Emeritus Professor, University of Aberdeen, Scotland and Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He has been a Visiting Professor to several universities in both Europe and North America and has been a keynote speaker at conferences world-wide. Professor Hendry has recently been presented with a Lifetime Award for his contributions to European research on adolescence by the European Association for Research on Adolescence. He has written well over 150 research journal articles, 30 book chapters and 20 books. His research and writing focuses on various aspects of lifespan development from a systemic perspective.
MARION KLOEP is recently retired Professor of Psychology, University of Glamorgan, Wales. Her teaching and research concentrates on lifespan development, with a special emphasis on transitions and turning-points. Her work has been published in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy and Mexico.

Hendry & Kloep's work is beautifully written and reads as smoothly and easily as a general magazine article (though, it should be swiftly added, with far greater intellectual content). Warmly recommended.' - Ian Stuart-Hamilton, Professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Glamorgan

'Hendry and Kloep have written an important book. With adolescence lasting longer, and the transition to adulthood becoming more blurred and uncertain, to have a book on "Adolescence and Adulthood" is timely indeed. I can recommend this book to all who have an interest in human development at times of social change.' - Dr John Coleman, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Education, University of Oxford

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Contents v
Acknowledgements vi
Note from series editors vii
Notes on contributors ix
Introduction 1
1 Stage Theories of Lifespan Development 4
2 Ecological Theories of Human Development 19
3 What Is Adolescence? 36
4 Social Teenagers 58
5 From Teenagers to Early Adults 80
6 From Early Adults to Mid-Lifers 96
7 Old Age and Development: Towards Successful Ageing 121
8 Towards a New Positive Theory of Human Development 146
Glossary 158
References 161
Index 201
Reading guide 205