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Researching Older People's Nursing

Researching Older People's Nursing

Christine Smith


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Nursing older people is often considered the 'Cinderella' service. This ground-breaking new book seeks to rectify that, bringing discussion of elderly care to the forefront of research and critical practice. Based on the author's own ethnographic research, it explores the gap between theory (what nurses know) and practice (what nurses actually do), including:
■ key theories of older people's nursing
■ day-to-day practices on an elderly care ward
■ the essential skills of caring, nurturing and supporting
■ the importance of critical reflective practice.

Researching Older People's Nursing links the realities of practice with the key principles from 'on the ward' research. It is a fascinating read for nursing students, practitioners and researchers alike.
DR CHRISTINE SMITH is Director of Primary Care and Community Nursing at the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies, Cardiff University, UK. She worked as a Staff Nurse and Ward Sister before moving across to academia in 1982. Since then she has been actively involved in the RAE, and has published and presented widely on her findings.
With an ageing population demanding more and better-trained older peoples' nurses, the need for insightful textbooks has never been greater- This book addresses that need head-on

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover \r Cover
Half-Title\r i
Title\r iii
Copyright iv
Contents v
List of figures and tables vi
Preface vii
Foreword ix
Acknowledgements xii
Introduction 1
Part I: Research and theory 7
1 An ethnography of older people’s nursing 9
2 Theory development in nursing 25
3 Building professional knowledge in older people’s care 52
Part II: Research and practice 63
4 The context and culture of the care setting 65
5 A framework for the delivery of care 79
6 Focusing on the practice of caring for older people 111
7 Future trends: standards and quality in care 126
References 138
Index 149