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Emotions in Midwifery and Reproduction

Emotions in Midwifery and Reproduction

Billie Hunter | Ruth Deery


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With contributions from a range of leading international authors, this 'stop and make you think' book explores the many contemporary issues surrounding emotion work in reproductive healthcare. The editors, forerunners in their field, have brought together both theoretical and clinical aspects to challenge readers to consider the significance of this important topic in their day-to-day work.
Using examples of maternity care and infertility settings from the UK and beyond, and with an emphasis on personal reflection throughout, the book explores the subjects of:
• Emotional well-being
• Client-practitioner relationships
• Infertility
• Loss
• Breast feeding
• Motherhood
Emotions in Midwifery and Reproduction underlines the importance of emotions and how they are managed, experienced and negotiated in clinical settings, addressing issues that are frequently overlooked in the drive for efficiency and effectiveness in the health service. It is stimulating reading for all midwifery and nursing students and practitioners looking to understand their patients' and their own emotional needs.
BILLIE HUNTER is Professor of Midwifery at Swansea University, UK. She has published widely and is a regular conference speaker. She is the Chair of the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust.
RUTH DEERY is Reader in Midwifery at the University of Huddersfield. Her research focuses on the maternity services and women's health, with particular interests in service change, public policy and women's experiences of childbirth and midwives' experiences of the organisation of maternity care.
This is a book that deserves to be read from cover to cover.  Its 'political' message is clear: 'care for childbearing women is one example of larger cultural struggles over interpretations of human needs' - New Digest, NCT Professional Magazine

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Contents v
List of Tables and Figures vii
Foreword viii
Preface: Emotional Labour – What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Find Out? x
Acknowledgements xvii
Notes on the Contributors xviii
Introduction 1
Part I: Emotion Work in Maternity Care 15
1 Relationship and Reciprocity in Caseload Midwifery 17
2 Women’s Emotion Work in the Context of Current Maternity Services 36
3 Epidurals not Emotions: the Care Deficit in US Maternity Care 56
4 Community Midwifery ‘Performances’ and the Presentation of Self 73
5 ‘No time to care’: Midwifery Work on Postnatal Wards in England 90
6 Midwives, Infant Feeding and Emotional Turmoil 105
Part II: Emotion Work and Infertility 123
7 Motherhood Following Successful Infertility Treatment 125
8 Midwives’ Experiences of Personal Pregnancy-related Loss 140
9 An Uncertain Future: Infertility and Chlamydial Infection 157
Part III: Developing Emotional Awareness in Health Care Practitioners 173
10 ‘Mixed Messages’: Midwives’ Experiences of Managing Emotion 175
11 Inner Knowing and Emotions in the Midwife–Woman Relationship 192
12 Peeling Onions: Using Drama to Explore Emotion 210
Part IV: Weaving It All Together 225
13 Emotion Work around Reproduction: Supportive or Constraining? 227
Index 241
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