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Planning and Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Planning and Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities

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Thought-provoking, well-written, and offering a range of fresh and sometimes challenging perspectives, Planning and Support should be essential reading for people working in the field of learning disabilities. Highly recommended.'

- Involve Magazine

The authors outline the skills needed and common issues in case management practice across a range of people with different disabilities at different stages of their life. Emphasising the importance of taking a rights-based approach to supporting people with learning disabilities, the authors argue that effective case management needs to be individualised and carried out in partnership with the individual and their family in order to draw up a lifestyle plan that meets their many needs, including employment, education, vocational training, therapy and behaviour support.

The book includes chapters on inter-agency and cross-sector negotiation and collaboration, balancing rights and protection, listening to individuals and families, communication, optimising health outcomes, approaches to behaviour support, ethical decision-making and reflective supervision, and the text is complemented by case studies throughout.

An essential reference for practitioners, the book is also an invaluable guide for policy makers, researchers and students, nurses, carers, and people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

This positive and comprehensive book provides an array of information about the need for a holistic, 'whole of life' approach when dealing with the case management of individuals with an intellectual disability...this book pieces topic by topic together to positively make up the jigsaw that that is case management... This well written and informative book looks critically and effectively at all the issues involved in case management. It raises a series of important issues that continue to need to be addressed if the quality of life for people with an intellectual disability is to continue to be significantly enhanced.
The British Journal of Developmental Disabilities