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Churchill's Pocketbook of Clinical Pharmacy E-Book

Churchill's Pocketbook of Clinical Pharmacy E-Book

Nick D. Barber | Alan Willson | Ann Jacklin


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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. A comprehensive handbook of clinical pharmacy, it covers everything from the role of the pharmacist to key areas of practice such as OTC (over-the-counter) prescribing and therapeutic drug level monitoring. The new edition specifically addresses the changing role of the pharmacist in the community, issues surrounding compliance, management and communication skills, and more.

  • This unique pocket-sized clinical reference is easy to use on the go.
  • Includes content on both hospital and community pharmacy.
  • How to Use This Book section at the beginning of the book helps readers get the most out of the text by describing all of its assets and their uses.
  • Expanded and timely information on the changing role of the pharmacist in the community, including their role in initiatives such as smoking cessation, and protocols for emergency hormonal contraception.
  • Includes more content on compliance such as researching and providing patients with accurate drug information.
  • Expanded information on communication and management skills emphasize the importance of these skills for both community and hospital pharmacists.
  • Improved, more user-friendly format features a two-color design to make finding information easier.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover Cover
Clinical Pharmacy iii
Copyright Page iv
Contents v
Contributors vii
Preface xi
Chapter 1. A philosophy of clinical pharmacy 1
Section 1: Policy 7
Chapter 2. Prescribing in primary care 9
Chapter 3. Clinical directorates and the role of the pharmacist 19
Chapter 4. Drug licensing and safety 27
Chapter 5. Evidence-based practice 41
Chapter 6. Pharmacoeconomics 55
Section 2: Choice 69
Chapter 7. The pharmacist as prescriber 71
Chapter 8. Pain 81
Chapter 9. Anti-infectives 91
Chapter 10. Smoking cessation 109
Section 3: Monitoring and management 125
Chapter 11. Medication error 127
Chapter 12. Prescription monitoring 137
Chapter 13. Primary care prescribing: practical approaches 147
Chapter 14. Improving adherence to medication 155
Chapter 15. Informing patients about the risks of their medicines 163
Chapter 16. Substance misuse 171
Chapter 17. Monitoring patients with renal disease 187
Chapter 18. Monitoring patients with liver disease 211
Chapter 19. Therapeutic drug level monitoring 219
Section 4: Reference 229
Chapter 20. Adverse reactions to drugs 231
Chapter 21. Insulins 405
Chapter 22. Intravenous drug administration 409
Chapter 23. Sodium content of injectable drugs 425
Chapter 24. Laboratory tests 433
Chapter 25. SI units for clinical chemistry 463
Chapter 26. Pharmacokinetics in clinical practice 465
Chapter 27. Comparative doses of corticosteroids 477
Chapter 28. Calculating body surface area from weight and height 479
Chapter 29. Abbreviations 481
Index 485
Laboratory Tests 503