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Essential Study Skills for Nursing

Essential Study Skills for Nursing

Christine Ely | Ian Scott | Maggie Nicol


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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Study skills are essential to nursing and this easy-to-use guide will helps to develop the skills necessary to academic and professional life. This book takes a friendly approach and is written in a straightforward style. Using examples from the real experience of being a student nurse or midwife it covers vital areas such as self-motivation, why attention to detail is important, numeracy skills and how to make the most from the help available at universities and colleges. In addition it shows ways to: manage and plan your time effectively; get the most out of lectures and seminars; read effectively; remember more; make notes and use them to develop understanding; manage and succeed at assignments; develop practical nursing skills; learn from clinical experiences; and develop reflective skills.

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