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E-Book - Massage and Bodywork

E-Book - Massage and Bodywork

Peter A. Mackereth | Ann Carter | Michele Petroni | Denise Rankin-Box


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Ideal for qualified massage and bodywork therapists wanting to expand their knowledge and skills, this unique resource brings together the most common forms of bodywork with a focus on this important and challenging area of practice. Emphasizing the need for safe practice, this book illustrates how massage can be safely adapted for patients and dispels some misconceptions about working with people who have cancer. Key topics include integrative and collaborative working, the psychological aspects of bodywork, therapists as teachers, professionalism, the control of symptoms, working with vulnerability, potency in practice, and the skilful combination of voice and touch.

  • Written by experienced therapists working in this area of practice
  • Introduces the modalities with clear explanations of their development and application to cancer care settings
  • Logical organization makes it easy to find key information quickly
  • Each section includes an overview, an abstract of each chapter, a summary of key issues, and conclusions and recommendations for best practice
  • Focuses on specialized aspects of massage and bodywork to support safe, competent, and compassionate practice

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover Cover
Massage and Bodywork: Adapting Therapies for Cancer Care iii
Copyright Page iv
Contents v
About the Editors vii
Contributors ix
Forewords xi
Acknowledgements xvii
Introduction xix
Section 1: Key themes 1
Introduction 2
Chapter 1. Cancer and its treatments 5
Chapter 2. Integrative practice 17
Chapter 3. Evaluating the evidence Jacqui Stringer and Peter A 33
Chapter 4. Professional and potent practice 53
Chapter 5. Working with the denied body 67
Chapter 6. Body psychotherapy in cancer care 83
Chapter 7. Therapist as teacher 101
Section 2: Practitioners at work 119
Introduction 120
Chapter 8. The HEARTS process: combining therapeutic approaches for relaxation 123
Chapter 9. Massage and essential oils in haemato-oncology 137
Chapter 10. Collaborative working 147
Chapter 11. Shiatsu for symptom management 157
Chapter 12. Managing lymphoedema 171
Chapter 13. Massage and spinal cord compression 185
Chapter 14. Creative approaches to reflexology 199
Chapter 15. Adapting chair massage for carers, staff and patients 217
Chapter 16. Being met with care: massage work with vulnerable patients 231
Index 241