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On Art and Painting

On Art and Painting

Jean Andrews | Jeremy Roe | Oliver Noble Wood


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This book is a collection of fourteen essays on the Dialogues on Painting, published by the Florentine-born Spanish painter and art theorist Vicente Carducho (1568–1638) in 1633. This was the first treatise in Spanish on the art of painting, written as part of a campaign led by Carducho in collaboration with other prominent painters working in Madrid, to raise the status of the artist from artisan to liberal artist. The treatise provides an overview of the melding of Italian Renaissance art theory and Madrilenian practice in the baroque era. It also offers first-hand insight into collecting in Madrid during this crucial period in the rapid expansion of the capital city. The present collection of essays by art historians and hispanists from the UK, Spain, Germany and the US examines each of the dialogues in detail, furnishing an account of Carducho’s campaign to establish a painting academy and to professionalise the office of the painter; detailing the publication history of the treatise and the interrelationship between painting and poetry; and it cites Carducho’s own painting in relation to the Italian and Spanish traditions within which he operated.

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Title Page iii
Copyright Page iv
Contents v
Series editors’ preface vii
Acknowledgements ix
Figures xi
Abbreviations xix
Contributors xxi
Preface 1
1 Carducho and the Spanish Literary Baroque 19
2 Painting and Poetry in Diálogos de la Pintura 71
3 Carducho the conceptista 91
4 Observations on Readershipand Circulation 105
5 Art Aficionados at Court 119
6 Carducho and Sacred Oratory 149
7 Carducho and Ideas about Religious Art 163
8 Carducho’s Late Holy Familiesand Decorum 183
9 Zuccari and the Carduchos 205
10 Italian Training at the Spanish Court 223
11 Carducho and the Eloquence of Drawing 241
12 The Paragone between Paintingand Sculpture 271
13 Carducho and pintura de borrones 283
Plates from Diálogos de la Pintura 309
Appendices 319
Bibliography 333
Index 375
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