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A-Z of Being the Best Leader You Can Be

A-Z of Being the Best Leader You Can Be

Yvonne Bleam



Meet Alex the accepting leader, Olivia the open-minded leader, Tyson the trustworthy leader and the rest of the gang and understand the qualities of good leadership in this collection of short stories.

Not your average A-Z, this book aims to teach young people aged 8-11 about what it means to be a good leader. From honesty and respect to understanding and dependability, each of the 26 stories covers a quality that any good leader should possess and is followed by fun activities and exercises to help children learn the true meaning of each concept. Building positive leadership behaviors in children, this book will be of interest to educators, school counselors, pastoral care workers as well as parents.

Yvonne Bleam's book, A to Z of Being the Best Leader You Can Be, is an excellent resource for teachers and parents to use with elementary aged children. As a homeschooling mom, I personally have incorporated this book into our weekly curriculum. This book promotes strong leadership skills and teaches moral life lessons, to value the uniqueness of each individual. Yvonne uses creativity in writing many colorful scenarios that children experience on a daily basis at school and extra- curricular activities. The alphabetical organization of leadership traits makes it fun and easy for kids to remember throughout the school year. It is a great priority to emphasize a child's leadership qualities at an early age so they can be confident in making wise choices throughout life. Yvonne has a heart to do this very thing in not just her book alone, but in her own life as well, being an inspiration to those around her.
Christina Fidler, homeschooling educator and mother of three
Yvonne Bleam is a Doctor of Strategic Leadership and has a background in behavioural neuroscience. She currently works for Novartis Oncology and DeSales University as a Professor of Leadership. Yvonne lives in Allentown, PA, with her husband and two children.
Dr. Bleam's book is geared to the most imperative leaders - those of tomorrow! By introducing character education and leadership concepts to the younger generation, this book opens the door for future leaders to invite leadership ideas into their world through stories, discussions, and activities in a way they can and will embrace. This creative book is a powerful opportunity for lessons that will extend beyond, and reach into, your child's future potential.
Kathleen Patterson, Ph.D., Professor & Doctoral Program Director, Strategic Leadership Program, Regent University
As a School Counselor, I look forward to sharing these activities with my students. As a Bullying Prevention speaker, I'll also recommend the lessons to schools as part of their programming. The first two chapters, in particular, authentically address the challenges of being 'accepting' and 'brave' during peer situations, and give kids a roadmap for how to do so with dignity. I highly recommend this book!
Signe Whitson, nationally-recognized Bullying Prevention educator and author of 'Friendship & Other Weapons: Group Activities to Help Young Girls Cope with Bullying,' US

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
A–Z of Being the Best Leader You Can Be: Leading Through the Alphabet, by Yvonne Bleam, Illustrated by Kat Stahl 1
Alex\tThe Accepting Leader 9
Brooke\tThe Brave Leader 16
Chloe\tThe Culturally Sensitive Leader 22
David\tThe Dependable Leader 28
Enzo\tThe Encouraging Leader 35
Fiona\tThe Fair Leader 42
Gabe\tThe Grateful Leader 49
Hunter\tThe Honest Leader 55
Isabella\tThe Innovative Leader 61
Jaida\tThe Just Leader 67
Kevin\tThe Kind Leader 73
Lilly\tThe Listening Leader 79
Matt\tThe Mission-Minded Leader 85
Natalie\tThe Navigating Leader 91
Olivia\tThe Open-Minded Leader 97
Pablo\tThe Patient Leader 103
Quinn\tThe Quiet Leader 109
Riley\tThe Respectful Leader 115
Shawn\tThe Servant Leader 121
Tyson\tThe Trustworthy Leader 127
Uma\tThe Understanding Leader 133
Vivian\tThe Virtuous Leader 139
Willow\tThe Leader with the Winning Attitude 145
Xavier\tThe Leader with the X-Factor 151
Yin\tThe Yielding Leader 157
Zachary\tThe Zealous Leader 163
Summary Leadership \nLearning Activity 1 168
Summary Leadership \nLearning Activity 2 170
Summary Leadership \nLearning Activity 3 172
Summary Leadership \nLearning Activity 4 176
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