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The Weighted Blanket Guide

The Weighted Blanket Guide

Eileen Parker | Cara Koscinski


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Providing everything you need to know about the use of weighted blankets to help with sensory integration, improve sleep, ease chronic pain and more, this book includes:

· What a weighted blanket is and how it works
· An exploration of deep pressure and how weight on the body affects the mind
· Guidelines for using weighted blankets at home and in professional environments
· Studies into the effectiveness of weighted blankets
· Advice on how to select an appropriate weighted blanket or sew your own.

Based on the latest research, this book dispels the online myths surrounding weighted blankets. It delivers clear information for occupational therapists and anyone considering using a weighted blanket to help with sensory processing disorder, autism, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more.

Cara Koscinski and Eileen Parker have written the definitive guide to weighted blankets. As an Autism Mom and an individual with fibromyalgia, I wish I'd had this book years ago! I finally understand the symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder and how pressure can counteract those symptoms. I especially loved the detailed instructions on how to sew my own weighted blanket, including smart color choices for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This book is a must for anyone thinking about using a weighted blanket!
Shannon Penrod, Host of Autism Live

Eileen Parker has autism and sensory processing disorder. She discovered weighted blankets while in sensory integration therapy, which inspired her to run her own weighted blanket business for six years. Her background is in PR and journalism. She is now a full-time writer and lives in Minnesota, USA.

Cara Koscinski is an Occupational Therapist with over 18 years' experience. She owns The Pocket Occupational Therapist, a company that provides in-home services and consultations to school districts, and is the author of The Parent's Guide to Occupational Therapy for Autism and Other Special Needs, also published by JKP. She lives in South Carolina, USA.

When I was a child, I craved deep pressure and I liked lots of blankets on the bed to help me sleep. When I got older, I built a squeeze machine to apply deep pressure to help calm me. Sensory problems are very variable. A weighted blanket is likely to be most effective for children or adults who seek deep pressure. For children with an autism diagnosis, some individuals will respond well to a weighted blanket and for others it will have little effect. This book contains lots of good practical advice on how to use and make weighted blankets. It will be a great resource for individuals who are calmed by deep pressure.
Temple Grandin, author of ‘The Autistic Brain’ and ‘Thinking in Pictures’
I am thrilled to see this much needed weighted blanket guide. It answers so many questions that people have about weighted blanket therapy. There is no one more suited to write it than Eileen, a onetime fellow weighted blanket maker and a user of weighted blankets for her own autism.
Donna Chambers, Founder, SensaCalm Weighted Blankets

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
The Weighted Blanket Guide by Eileen Parker and Cara Koscinski 3
About the Authors 9
Acknowledgments 11
Chapter 1. Introducing Weighted Blankets 13
What is a weighted blanket? 13
What are they used for? 14
Sleep 17
Chronic pain and fibromyalgia 20
Anxiety 23
Autism 23
Alzheimer’s/dementia/seniors 24
Mental illnesses 25
Special education 28
Chapter 2. Where Did the Concept Come From? 31
The old meeting the new 31
Others’ stories 32
Origins 34
Chapter 3. How Weighted Blankets Work 37
Your sensory system 38
What problems result from SPD? 45
Exploring deep pressure 48
Massage 49
Neuroscience 52
Chapter 4. Professional Settings 59
Occupational therapy 59
What is occupational therapy? 59
How are weighted blankets used at an OT clinic? 61
How does OT work for SPD? 62
Hospital use 65
Restraint reduction 66
Actual use in a hospital setting 71
Comfort/multisensory rooms 73
Helping patients getting weighted blankets covered by medical insurance 75
Chapter 5. Considerations/Guidelines for Use 77
Can they create dependence? 77
How long to use the blanket? 78
Safety 79
Drawbacks/concerns 80
Medical insurance coverage 82
Chapter 6. Choosing or Making Your Own 87
Choosing a weighted blanket 87
On a budget 95
Sewing your own weighted blanket 96
Postscript 103
References 105
Index 109
Blank Page