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Our Changing Land

Our Changing Land

Dawn Mannay


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The last two decades have seen big changes within a small nation; the distinctiveness of Wales, in terms of its political life and culture, has grown considerably in that time. This edited collection by a range of eminent Welsh writers, emerging academics and creative artists examines what is distinctive about Wales and Welshness in an interdisciplinary yet comprehensive manner. The core concepts of gender, class and identity are explored throughout the book, which presents twelve chapters in three distinct yet overlapping thematic sections: Wales, Welshness, Language and Identity, Education; Labour Markets and Gender in Wales; and Welsh Public Life, Social Policy, Class and Inequality. The chapters explore the role of men and women in Wales and of Wales itself as a nation, an economy, and a centre of partially devolved governance, raising questions related to equality, policy and progression. The collection also features photographs, graphic art and poetic verse that both represent and extend the central arguments of the book.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Title iii
Copyright iv
Contents v
List of Illustrations, Figures and Tables vii
List of Contributors ix
Acknowledgements xvii
1. Introduction 1
I. Wales, Welshness, Language and Identity 19
2. Devolved Voices: Welsh Women’s Writing Post 1999 22
3. Only Inside the Classroom? Young People’s Use of the Welsh Language in the School, Community and Peer Group 43
4. Who Should Do the Dishes Now? RevisitingGender and Housework in ContemporaryUrban South Wales 65
5. ‘Placing young men’: The Performance ofYoung Working-class Masculinities in theSouth Wales Valleys 88
II. Education, Labour Marketsand Gender in Wales 109
6. Re-educating Rhian: Experiences of Working-class Mature Student Mothers 112
7. Private Lives Used for Public Work: Women Further Education Teachers in Wales 130
8. From Low-wage Manufacturing Industries to the Low-wage Service Sector: The Changing Nature of Women’s Employment in Wales 152
9. Changes and Continuities: Women in Paid Work in Wales 1994–2014 174
III. Welsh Public Life, Social Policy, Class and Inequality 197
10. Class, Poverty and Politics in Devolved Wales 200
11. Women and Policy-making: Devolution, Civil Society and Political Representation 220
12. The Transformation of the Media in Wales: Technology and Democracy 239
13. Wind Energy: Revisiting the Debate in Wales 261
14. Conclusion 287
Index 305
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