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Leadership for Mortals : Developing and sustaining leaders of learning

Leadership for Mortals : Developing and sustaining leaders of learning

Dean Fink, PhD


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Drawing on disciplines including psychology, sociology and organizational theory, Stephen Fineman explores a number of familiar and not so familiar work arenas. He examines the way emotion penetrates leadership, decision-making and organizational change, as well as newer topics like the virtual side of organizations. Finally, he addresses the darker side of emotion in the context of bullying, violence, sexual harassment and downsizing.

Table of Contents

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How to use this toolkit
1. Defining trust
Why trust matters
The ten criteria for trust
2. The Trust Index
How to measure factors that impact on trust in teams
The Trust Index guidance notes
The Trust Index tool
3. How to build trust in teams
Integrating trust-building into humanitarian action
Linking the trust tools to the four phases of emergency response
4. The trust-building tools
Tool 1: Appreciative inquiry
Tool 2: Trust cards
Tool 3: Trust walk
Tool 4: Communications charter
Tool 5: Aligning working practices
Tool 6: Email activity
Tool 7: Trust tips for team leaders
Tool 8: Elements of team leader reviews
Tool 9: Treasure hunting
Tool 10: Time lines
5. Informal activities
Team socials
Global Diversity Board Game for International Relief and Development Organisations
Further resources