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Peta Whaley


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Thomas Hardy was born there, Sir Walter Raleigh chose to live there, and Lawrence of Arabia is buried there. Dorset has so many great figures shaping its history, from eminent leaders such as Alfred the Great to notable writers such as Wordsworth, it could have nothing but an impressive and fascinating story.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover 1
Preliminaries 2
Contents 5
Ch. 1: Shaftesbury and Alfred the Great 7
Ch. 2: Corfe and Edward the Martyr 15
Ch. 3: Sherborne and Sir Walter Raleigh 21
Ch. 4: Corfe Castle and Lady Banks 41
Ch. 5: The Western Coastal Towns and the Stuarts 47
Ch. 6: Dorchester, Judge Jefferies and the Bloody Assizes 59
Ch. 7: Marshwood Vale and the Wordsworths 71
Ch. 8: Portesham and Nelson's Hardy 81
Ch. 9: Tolpuddle and its Martyrs 87
Ch. 10: Sturminster Newton, Winterborne Came and William Barnes 101
Ch. 11: Wimborne St. Giles and the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury 111
Ch. 12: Stinsford, Higher Bockampton and Thomas Hardy 125
Ch. 13: Lawrence of Arabia 135
Bibliography 147
Back Cover - Book Description 150