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An Invitation to Anthropology

An Invitation to Anthropology

Josep R. Llobera†


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Synthesizing British, French and American traditions, this stimulating and accessible text presents a comprehensive and fascinating introduction to social and cultural anthropology. It offers an original approach through integrating knowledge produced from a variety of perspectives, placing cultural and social anthropology in a wider context including macro-sociological concepts and reference to biological evolution. Written in a clear and concise style, it conveys to the student the complexities of a discipline focusing on the structure, evolution and cultural identity of human societies up to the present day.

The text consists of four major parts: the scope and method of anthropology, a conceptual and institutional overview, the evolution of the structure of human societies, and the cultural politics of race, ethnicity, nationalism and multiculturalism.

"Llobera's book is impressive in its comprehensive and encyclopaedic presentation of theories and key concepts relating to all aspects human societies…Although controversial, Llobera's elementary book is welcome because it opens the way for new debates and discussions in anthropology…[It] is courageous and provocative, but first of all it is a 'fresh', detailed and sophisticated introduction to an old discipline."  ·  Social Anthropology

"This introduction to anthropology for undergraduates reflects a blend of textbooks in Europe and the US…excellent chapters."  ·  JRAI

Josep R. Llobera† was born in Havana and brought up in Catalonia. He made Britain his home in 1969. He was a visiting Professor of Anthropology at University College London and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

Table of Contents

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Title Page iii
Table of Contents v
Introduction vii
Module 1. The scope and method of anthropology 1
Module 2. Conceptual and institutional overview 31
Module 3. The evolution and structure of human societies 87
Module 4. The politics of cultural identity 183
Epilogue. Anthropology and the contemporary world 245
Index 256