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Talking Teenagers

Talking Teenagers

Ann Boushéy



Ann Boushéy's teenage son Jon was diagnosed with high-functioning autism in kindergarten. Having mastered the day-to-day challenges that parenting a young child with autism or Asperger's Syndrome pose, Talking Teenagers considers questions surrounding parenting across the spectrum during the teenage years.

Written out of her own experience, this inspirational book provides the information that will encourage other parents with teens on the autism spectrum. Covering everyday topics, from what to take on vacation and dealing with anger, to sex education and planning for the parents' own demise, Ann ends each chapter with thoughtful vignettes: "Chicken Nuggets for the Soul".

After reading this book, parents will come away with a sense of empowerment and feeling that they are not alone, while professionals will gain a valuable and compassionate insight into the world of parenting a teenager on the autism spectrum.

`Written by a mother as a resource for other parents of young people who have asd. Focuses on everyday topics, problems and tactics.'
BILD - Current Awareness Newsletter
This book gives a wealth of insight to the reader.
Seen and Heard (NAGALRO)
I would strongly recommend this book for parents and/or educators of teenagers on the autistic spectrum. Boushey's style of writing creates a compelling and informative dialogue. The dialogue is in manageable sections covering a substantial number of extremely important issues and seeks to provide inspiring insight into tough questions. Throughout the book there are numerous references to literature and website addresses.
GAP Good Autism Practice
Ann Boushéy is the parent of Jon, a teenager with autism. She has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing and lives with her family in the Mid-west, USA. She is the author of Parent to Parent: Information and Inspiration for Parents Dealing with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome, also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.