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BMJ Easily Missed?: Medico-legal pitfalls

BMJ Easily Missed?: Medico-legal pitfalls

Professor Anthony Harnden


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The risk of litigation against clinicians is increasing significantly. Those working in primary care, and whom are often dealing with uncertainty, are at particular risk. This book groups together a series of useful articles on diagnoses that may be easily missed at first presentation in primary care, and which may give rise to clinical negligence claims. The spectrum of conditions which are commonly encountered in claims such as pulmonary embolism, acute leg ischaemia, ectopic pregnancy, inflammatory bowel disease, appendicitis and achilles tendon rupture. All articles describe data to support the assertion that the conditions are often overlooked in primary care and that failure to recognise the diagnosis may have serious implications for the patient.

Table of Contents

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Book Cover C
Title i
Copyright ii
About the publisher iii
About The BMJ iii
Contents iv
About the editors vi
Foreword vii
Introduction to Easily Missed series viii
Chapter 1 Pulmonary embolism 1
Why is it missed? 1
Why does it matter? 1
How is it diagnosed? 1
Investigations 2
How is it managed? 2
Chapter 2 Acute leg ischaemia 5
What is acute leg ischaemia? 5
How common is it? 5
Why is it missed? 5
Why does it matter? 6
How is it diagnosed? 6
How is it managed? 6
Chapter 3 Ectopic pregnancy 8
How common is it? 8
Why is it missed? 8
Why does this matter? 8
How is it diagnosed? 8
Clinical features 8
Investigations 9
How is it managed? 9
Chapter 4 Appendicitis 11
Why is appendicitis missed? 11
Why does this matter? 11
How is appendicitis diagnosed? 11
Clinical features 11
Scoring systems 12
Anatomical considerations in the presentation of acute appendicitis 12
Investigations 12
How is appendicitis managed? 13
Chapter 5 Inflammatory bowel disease 15
What is inflammatory bowel disease? 15
Why is it missed? 15
Why does this matter? 16
How is inflammatory bowel disease diagnosed? 16
Clinical features 16
Investigations 16
How is inflammatory bowel disease managed? 17
Chapter 6 Infective endocarditis 19
Why is infective endocarditis missed? 19
Why does this matter? 19
How is it diagnosed? 19
Clinical features 19
Investigations 21
How is it managed? 21
Chapter 7 Addison’s disease 23
What is Addison’s disease? 23
Why is it missed? 23
Why does this matter? 23
How is it diagnosed? 23
Clinical features 23
Investigations 24
How is it managed? 24
Chapter 8 Cushing’s syndrome 26
What is Cushing’s syndrome? 26
Why is Cushing’s syndrome missed? 26
Why does this matter? 27
How is Cushing’s syndrome diagnosed? 27
Clinical features (box) 27
History taking 27
Examination 28
Investigations 28
How is Cushing’s syndrome managed? 29
Related links 30
Chapter 9 Phaeochromocytoma 31
What is a phaeochromocytoma? 31
Why is phaeochromocytoma missed? 31
Why does this matter? 31
How is phaeochromocytoma diagnosed? 32
Clinical 32
Investigations 32
How is phaeochromocytoma managed? 33
Chapter 10 Giant cell arteritis 35
Why is giant cell arteritis missed? 35
Why does this matter? 35
How is giant cell arteritis diagnosed? 36
How is giant cell arteritis managed? 37
Chapter 11 Slipped capital femoral epiphysis 38
Why is it missed? 38
Why does this matter? 38
How is it diagnosed? 38
Clinical features 38
Investigations 38
How is it managed? 40
Chapter 12 Subarachnoid haemorrhage 42
Why is it missed? 42
Why does this matter? 42
How is it diagnosed? 42
Clinical features 42
Investigations 43
Detecting subarachnoid blood 44
How is it managed? 44
Chapter 13 Femoral hernias 46
What is a femoral hernia? 46
Why is a femoral hernia missed? 46
Why does this matter? 47
How is it diagnosed? 47
Clinical 47
Investigations 47
How is it managed? 48
Chapter 14 Pre-eclampsia 50
What is pre-eclampsia? 50
How common is pre-eclampsia? 50
Why is pre-eclampsia missed? 50
Why does it matter? 51
How is pre-eclampsia diagnosed? 51
Clinical 51
Investigations 51
How is pre-eclampsia managed? 52
Chapter 15 Acute Achilles tendon rupture 54
What is an Achilles tendon rupture? 54
Why is it missed? 54
Why does this matter? 54
How is it diagnosed? 54
Clinical features 54
Investigations 58
How is it managed? 58
Chapter 16 Posterior shoulder dislocations 59
What is a posterior shoulder dislocation? 59
How common are posterior shoulder dislocations? 59
Why is it missed? 59
Why does it matter? 60
How is it diagnosed? 60
Clinical diagnosis 60
How is it managed? 62
Chapter 17 Late onset type 1 diabetes 64
What is late onset type 1 diabetes? 64
Why is it missed? 64
Why does this matter? 64
How is type 1 diabetes diagnosed in adults? 65
Clinical features 65
Investigations 65
How is late onset type 1 diabetes managed? 65
Chapter 18 Acute Charcot foot 67
What is acute Charcot foot? 67
Why is acute Charcot foot missed? 67
Why does this matter? 67
How is acute Charcot foot diagnosed? 68
Clinical features 68
Investigations 69
How is acute Charcot foot managed? 69
Chapter 19 Subdural haematoma in the elderly 71
What is a subdural haematoma? 71
Why is it missed? 71
Why does this matter? 72
How is subdural haematoma diagnosed? 73
Clinical features 73
Investigations 73
How is subdural haematoma managed? 73
Chapter 20 Myasthenia gravis 75
What is myasthenia gravis? 75
Why is myasthenia gravis missed? 75
Why does it matter? 76
How is it diagnosed? 76
Clinical 76
History 76
Examination 76
Investigations 77
Ice test 77
Laboratory investigations 77
Neurophysiology 77
Edrophonium test 77
Radiology 77
How is myasthenia gravis managed? 77
Chapter 21 Copper deficiency 80
What is hypocupraemia? 80
How common is copper deficiency? 80
Why is copper deficiency missed? 80
Why does it matter? 81
How is copper deficiency diagnosed? 81
Clinical features 81
Investigations 82
How is copper deficiency managed? 82
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