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Robert Recorde

Robert Recorde

Gordon Roberts



This enthralling biography tells the complete story of one of Tudor England’s most enigmatic figures. A Welshman born in Tenby, south Wales, c.1512, Robert Recorde was educated at both Oxford and Cambridge. This book, a detailed biography of this Tudor scholar, reviews the many facets of his astonishingly wide-ranging career and ultimately tragic life. It presents a richly detailed and fully rounded picture of Recorde the man, the university academic and theologian, the physician, the mathematician and astronomer, the antiquarian, and the writer of hugely successful textbooks. Crown appointments brought Recorde into conflict with the scheming Earl of Pembroke, and eventually set him at odds with Queen Mary I. As an intellectual out of his depth in political intrigue, beset by religious turmoil, Recorde eventually succumbed to the dangers that closed inexorably around him.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Title FM4
Copyright FM5
Contents FM6
Series Editor’s Foreword FM8
List of Illustrations FM10
Preface and Acknowledgments FM12
Genealogy of Robert Recorde Physician FM14
Prologue 1
1. Child of Tenby 7
2. Oxford Scholar 17
3. Cambridge Savant 27
4. Such is Your Authority 39
5. St Paul’s Churchyard 53
6. Doctor Recorde 63
7. Antiquarian andMathematician 75
8. No Mean Divine 87
9. Comptroller ofthe King’s Mints 97
10. The Muscovy Company 107
11. This Talk DelightsMe Marvellously 117
12. Pedagogue and Poet 129
13. Surveyor of the Minesand Monies 143
14. Nemesis 153
15. A Heart So Oppressed 165
16. An Unquiet Mind 177
17. One of His Elect in Glory 189
Epilogue 199
Notes and References 207
Select Bibliography 213
Index 217
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