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Coming Home to Germany?

Coming Home to Germany?

David Rock | Stefan Wolff


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The end of World War II led to one of the most significant forced population transfers in history: the expulsion of over 12 million ethnic Germans from Central and Eastern Europe between 1945 and 1950 and the subsequent emigration of another four million in the second half of the twentieth century. Although unprecedented in its magnitude, conventional wisdom has it that the integration of refugees, expellees, and Aussiedler was a largely successful process in postwar Germany. While the achievements of the integration process are acknowledged, the volume also examines the difficulties encountered by ethnic Germans in the Federal Republic and analyses the shortcomings of dealing with this particular phenomenon of mass migration and its consequences.

David Rock teaches in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Keele. He also edited Voices in Times of Change (Berghahn, 2000).

Stefan Wolff is Chair of Political Science at the University of Nottingham. He is co-editor of Peace at Last? with Jörg Neuheiser (Berghahn, 2003) and is editor of German Minorities in Europe (Berghahn 2001). He is also author of Disputed Territories (Berghahn, 2003).

“... a compelling investigation [that] unites political and policy analysis ... with cultural criticism and primary sources.”   · German Studies Review

"The book addresses an important subject ... [and] provides new insights into the social, political, and economic challenges the expellees posed to the rival German states and sheds light on the contentious issue of German citizenship."  · The International History Review

“[This] collection has many strengths. It provides a handy, concise introduction to a wide range of topics. The chapters are written in clear, lucid prose, and they reflect extensive research and expertise. ... The book should prove very useful for advanced students and others interested in the integration of ethnic German expellees and re-settlers in post-1945 Germany.”   ·  H-German

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Coming Home to Germany? iii
Copyright Page iv
Table of Contents vii
Preface x
Acknowledgements xvi
List of Abbreviations xvii
Glossary xviii
Introduction 1
References 15
Part 1. Refugees, Expellees and Aussiedler in the Federal Republic of Germany 17
Chapter 1. Integrating Ethnic Germans in West Germany 19
Chapter 2. The Struggle of Past and Present in Individual Identities 38
Chapter 3. Expellee Policy in the Soviet-occupied Zone and the GDR 56
Chapter 4. The Integration of Ethnic Germans from the Soviet Union 77
Chapter 5. Jus Sanguinis or Jus Mimesis? 87
Chapter 6. The Decline of Privilege 102
Part 2. The Transition from German Minority Culture to the National Culture of Germany 119
Chapter 7. ‘From the periphery to the centre and back again’ 121
Chapter 8. ‘ … a form of literature which was intentionally political.’ 139
Chapter 9. Millennium 145
Chapter 10. ‘Alone in a crowd’ 157
Chapter 11. A Romanian German in Germany 171
Chapter 12. Günter Grass 188
Chapter 13. From ‘Sudetendeutsche’ to ‘Adlergebirgler' 199
Chapter 14. ‘… for an artist, home will be wherever he can freely practise his art.’ 213
Conclusion 221
Index 229