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Fast Facts: Thyroid Disorders

Fast Facts: Thyroid Disorders

Gilbert H Daniels | Colin M Dayan


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Abnormalities of thyroid function rival diabetes mellitus in terms of prevalence and can affect any system in the body. In the UK and North America it is estimated that palpable thyroid nodules are present in 1 in 20 of the population, and in the UK alone 20,000 tests are carried out each year in clinical chemistry laboratories. Thus, all doctors can expect to encounter thyroid disease in one form or another. Thyroid disorders are generally very responsive to treatment, but there are traps for the unwary - not least because of the frequent atypical presentations and the widespread prevalence of subclinical disease. Fast Facts: Thyroid Disorders is written by two leading experts of international standing who share a wealth of clinical and research experience. The text, which is comprehensively illustrated to make core clinical information easily accessible, is a concise and practical guide for all who manage patients with these common conditions. - A concise guide to the recognition of thyroid disorders and the selection of appropriate thyroid function tests - Provides expert advice on when to test, when to treat and when to refer, ensuring rapid initiation of appropriate therapy - Highlights the particular challenges posed by thyroid disease during pregnancy - Covers the management of thyroid eye conditions - Sound, dependable advice for the healthcare team and patient in coping with these common conditions
Gil Daniels and Colin Dayan are eminent endocrinologists, well credentialed. As I agree completely with virtually all of their text, I think they have a remarkably clear understanding of thyroid disease and its treatment options. In addition to a clearly written text, the book is well provided with tables, figures, key point summaries, and key references.
A wonderful addition to the library of any family or nurse practitioner, and useful when any physician wants to explain a thyroid condition.
This book contains a wealth of information on thyroid conditions, of great benefit to doctors and patients alike.

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