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Fast Facts: Eating Disorders

Fast Facts: Eating Disorders

Hans Steiner | Martine F Flament


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The earlier a person with an eating disorder is treated, the greater the likelihood of physical and psychological recovery. Fast Facts: Eating Disorders guides the reader through the latest evidence in detection, diagnosis and efficacy of treatments for anorexia, bulimia and related disorders, including a practical overview of the: - risk factors – genetic, developmental and familial - questions to ask the patient - behavioral and physical signs and symptoms - screening tools and laboratory investigations - treatment goals and options. In this highly readable handbook, the two renowned authors demonstrate how a carefully coordinated and multidisciplinary - intervention can be successful. They address the important role of primary care physicians and other frontline healthcare workers in detecting eating disorders, working with the treatment team and monitoring the patient, and the positive impact these services can have on the rate and level of recovery.
"provides a comprehensive and practical overview of the current knowledge in the field … The authors have successfully highlighted how eating disorders are classic ‘psychosomatic’ syndromes and cleverly associate between the pathological thoughts and emotions concerning appearance, eating and food … Areas that would be useful to the general practitioner include: screening tools and questions to ask the patient, diagnosis, laboratory tests, general management and treatment options."