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Fast Facts: Skin Cancer

Fast Facts: Skin Cancer

Karen L Agnew | Christopher B Bunker | Sarah T Arron


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Skin cancer is both preventable and treatable, yet it is becoming alarmingly common. The key to successful treatment (other than education and prevention) is early recognition and swift referral. Fast Facts: Skin Cancer has been written by three international experts to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to save lives. Highlights include: • Expert presentation of the basic facts on epidemiology, causation, presentation and management • Over 100 color illustrations to assist with the identification of at-risk individuals and early lesions • Pull-out tables of cancer staging for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma • Advice to give patients on self-examination • A thorough overview of all treatment options: topical therapies, cryotherapy, curettage and electrosurgery, photodynamic therapy and lasers, radiotherapy, surgical excision and Mohs micrographic surgery • Discussion of preventive measures This fully updated second edition is a practical evidence-based resource, written from an international perspective to reflect national and international guidelines. It will assist clinical practice, education, training, audit and research, and is essential reading for generalists and specialists alike.