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Fast Facts: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Fast Facts: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Anne Edwards | Jackie Sherrard | Jonathan Zenilman


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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, are an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, and are responsible for the loss of many productive years. They have a disproportionate impact on adolescents and young adults. Every family physician now encounters patients with STIs. Fast Facts: Sexually Transmitted Infections provides a useful summary of current thinking on the diagnosis and effective management of these wide-ranging infections. This concise, practical and very logical presentation on the clinical management of STIs is aimed at general physicians, specialist nurses, trainees in genitourinary medicine, and laboratory staff. - Covers US and UK treatment guidelines in detail - Includes excellent sections on sexual history taking and basic screening - The counselling section is practical, applied and based on real experience - Includes plentiful, high-quality illustrations and highlighted management plans
I am impressed with this publication. It is extremely clear, contains very well constructed tables and boxes which highlight salient points of diagnosis and management and, as one would expect from such authors, a great many tips to clinicians on how best to manage patients, expecially in terms of what information to communicate to patients and what follow-up is required.
"This short textbook provides a quick stop guide to STIs... it's handy for both medical students and allied healthcare professionals." British Medical Association, Commended, Public Health Care, BMA Book Awards 2008
This is where the sensible person (male or female) will go to get the facts about sexually transmitted disease. Concise and informative, this is the book that answers all of those questions you want to ask, but daren't!
Practice Nurse, London
This is an excellent piece of work building on previous editions. The authors are to be commended on the clarity and comprehensiveness of their work whilst keeping the text brief and to the point. The illustrations are excellent and the generous use of colour in the tables make the book easy to read and follow.