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Fast Facts: Bipolar Disorder

Fast Facts: Bipolar Disorder

Guy Goodwin | Gary Sachs


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Fast Facts: Bipolar Disorder is a highly accessible synopsis of current understanding of, and strategies, for bipolar disorder. Written by two experts of international renown, this fully updated second edition of the book describes the diagnosis, etiology and short- and long-term treatment strategies for this historically neglected condition. Bipolar disorder is no longer a rare disorder seen only by psychiatrists working with psychotic inpatients, and this handbook provides an invaluable update on the topic to all those involved in the care of people with the condition - primary care physicians, psychiatrists, therapists and specialist nurses. The information may also prove useful to people with bipolar disorder and their families.
"This is an accessible and untechnical guide to bipolar disorder for the layman. It is well written with lots of interesting info, and patient perspectives. Highly reccomended." Amazon review, September 2011
A concise, fact-packed and comprehensive guide to bipolar disorder ... I cannot think of another book that covers so much ground in so few pages.
Doug Patton
"I am a specialist psychiatrist and I give copies to my patients to read. They are very informative and give a lot of info out that my patients can discuss. I use the Bipolar and schizophrenia ones. Especially the medication flow charts etc." Quotes received from 2011 customer surveys