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Fast Facts: Soft Tissue Disorders

Fast Facts: Soft Tissue Disorders

Cathy Speed | Brian Hazleman | Seamus Dalton


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This new edition of Fast Facts: Soft Tissue Disorders is written from the combined perspectives of rheumatology, orthopaedics and sports medicine and is designed to provide the primary care specialist with a well- rounded and highly practical 'handbook' on diagnosis, management and patient involvement in recovery The structure of all the major soft tissues and their common pathologies and disorders are covered here and each condition covered includes a set of practical exercises for the patient. - Includes two entirely new chapters covering local injection therapies and anterior knee pain - Covers common pathologies and disorders of all major soft tissues as encountered in the primary care setting - Packed with practical advice including patient involvement in recovery and management of outcomes expectations
Ideal for any allied health professional involved in the care of people with soft tissue disorders.
It should be part of any MSK multidisciplinary team's library.