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Fast Facts: Diabetes Mellitus

Fast Facts: Diabetes Mellitus

Ian N Scobie | Katherine Samaras


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Now in its fifth edition, Fast Facts: Diabetes Mellitus continues to grow in popularity as essential reading for all healthcare professionals. As well as providing a practical approach to the causes and clinical manifestations of types 1 and 2 diabetes, it is packed with information on early detection, and comprehensive details of the latest drug therapies, insulin regimens, delivery methods and injection sites. Importantly, this effective handbook provides simple clear messages to give to your patients to maximize their self-management skills. All healthcare professionals can have a significant life-altering effect on the health outcomes and quality of life of people living with diabetes, and this is the ideal update on current practice for primary care providers, specialist nurses, students of medicine and nursing, educators, pharmacists, allied health professionals and doctors of all specialties in training, as well as specialists in other fields who regularly see patients with diabetes. And one for your patients too. "The public increasingly desire being kept informed and abreast of diabetes care. I actively encourage it, since an informed and engaged patient is more easily kept within treatment targets," says Dr Katherine Samaras (author). So we encourage you to make your patients well-informed active partners in their diabetes care by sharing this highly readable book with them.
"This is a really useful and insightful review of the active management of diabetes, a disease that, unchecked, is set to cripple the world's economies" Dr Adam Carey, Chief Executive Officer, Corperformance, February 2014
"Patients and healthcare professionals share the challenge of managing diabetes and preventing complications. This authoritative yet concise book points everyone in the right direction."
Sir Ranulph Fiennes
"... an excellent review of the basics of diabetes mellitus. It is a good read for medical students and motivated patients." Dr Colleen Majewski, University of Chicago Medical Center, USA, for Doody's Review Service
"As a cardiologist, I need facts fast and this summary of diabetes meets both requirements admirably. Bravo!"
Professor Allan Sniderman