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Chiral Sulfur Ligands

Chiral Sulfur Ligands

Helene Pellissier


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The goal of this book is to show the high potential of chiral sulfur-containing ligands to promote numerous asymmetric catalytic transformations. The important number of reports appeared in the literature over the last 35 years often highlighted spectacular results in terms of efficiency and enantioselectivity, allowing access to many biologically important molecules, which clearly demonstrates that these ligands can now be recognised as real competitors to the more usual phosphorus- or nitrogen-containing ligands. A key point of reference for post-graduate students, researchers and academics.
Hélène Pellissier was born in Gap, France. She carried out her PhD under the supervision of Dr G. Gil in Marseille and then entered the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in 1988. After a postdoctoral position in Professor K. P. C. Vollhardt's group at Berkeley, she joined the group of Professor M. Santelli in Marseille in 1992. Here she focused on the chemistry of BISTRO and its large application in organic synthesis.