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That's Life with Autism

That's Life with Autism

Donna Satterlee Ross | Kelly Jolly



That's Life with Autism is full of advice and inspiration, written by parents for other parents and professionals caring for children on the autism spectrum. The overall message of this book is that people affected by autism are not alone.Each chapter addresses a specific topic, and range from the effect of autism in the family on couple or sibling relationships and intervention options to educational issues, diet, and the role of friends and relatives. Points for reflection prompt the reader to discuss and think further about the issues covered. The contributors also provide starting points for the development of positive strategies, including networks of support in which parents can learn from and find support from others in similar situations.
The practical and positive book will be of interest to parents of autistic children and to anyone working with children on the autism spectrum, from professionals to school administrators.

Written by parents for the other parents and professionals caring for children on the autism spectrum, the book sets out to advise and inspire. Subjects covered include the effect of autism in the family, on couple or siblings relationships, the role of friends and relatives, educational issues, intervention options and diet, interspersed with and illustrated by stories of different families' experiences.
Human Givens magazine 2006
Knowing how alone and overwhelmed many people feel after hearing a diagnosis of autism, I anticipate that this book would be valuable in sharing experiences in the early stages.
Community Care Magazine, Feb 07
This is a collection of stories from parents about their journey through diagnosis, intervention and family life with a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Although each personal tale is different, the challenges are strikingly similar – the fight for a diagnosis, finding the way through the maze of interventions and the dramatic impact that raising a child with ASD has on the marital relationship and the family as a whole. The messages are universal, and the book could provide reassurance and guidance to parents who are living with a child with ASD, or professionals who are looking for real-life insights into the disorder.
I would recommend this for parents who want to know about how their parents deal with potentially difficult situations and emotions; and for people unfamiliar with the subject, who are interested in how it feels to be the parent/carer/sibling of an autistic child.
Education Otherwise, February 2007
Written by parents covering a range of topics from a practical viewpoint. Aimed not only at other parents, but also at giving some additional insight to professionals.
BILD Current Awareness Service
This is a collection of interviews with parents of children with Autism and professionals involved with their care. It covers a wide range of topics such as diagnosis, education and diet. I liked the way the children are all different in their diagnosis, their strengths and needs and the parents vary in their reactions and attitudes.
Education Otherwise, February 2007
That's Life with Autism is a collection of experiences of parents and professionals applied to a series of topics for parents and practitioners alike. The topics range from pre-diagnosis, interventions, divorce, and advocacy through to the impact of faith on parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders…The greatest strength of this book is the breadth of subjects covered and the two reflective elements. The contributors, as brief case studies, combined with these elements provide a sound structure for a parent support group. The book has a feel of a series of counseling sessions and provides a useful tool in this format…That's Life with Autism is an interesting read packed with anecdotal advice for the reader. I would recommend it for any practitioner and parent establishing and/or participating in a support group for families of children with autism.
Good Autism Practice, Vol.8, May 2007
Written by parents for parents, this book contains tips and advice for caring for children with autism. Chapters describe diagnosis, treatment, dealing with the educational system, family and siblings, nutrition, community involvement and advocacy, faith, and finding humor. Each chapter consists of several stories by parents and their tips for coping. Included are questions for use in group discussions and reflection activities. Ross works with autistic children and Jolly is a foster parent who has a daughter with special needs.

Table of Contents

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The role of video in participatory development
Participant observation in Ky Nam
Conflict: the private and the public
Re-presentation and advocacy
Typhoons and evaluations
Lessons learned - and the way forward
Sources and further reading.