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Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Christiane Sanderson



This updated and expanded edition provides comprehensive coverage of the theory and practice of counselling survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA). In a reasoned and thoughtful approach, common stereotypes of abusers and their victims are replaced with current knowledge on the incidence of CSA and its long-term impacts on adult survivors.

Christiane Sanderson explores the therapeutic relationship from building trust and meeting the client's needs to establishing boundaries, addressing transference issues and avoiding secondary traumatic stress. She evaluates various treatment approaches and techniques, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of group therapy. Stand-alone chapters provide in-depth coverage of:

* CSA's impact on survivors' sense of self and their relationships with others

* self-harming behaviour, including self-injury, substance abuse and eating disorders

* how memory is constructed and reconstructed, including the controversial issues surrounding recovered memories

* useful approaches to coping with fear and loss from working with other types of trauma

* normal sexual development and typical sexual difficulties for survivors

* working with shame and dissociation.

Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse honestly addresses the complex issues in this important area of work. It provides practical strategies for those new to counselling in this field and valuable new insights for experienced counsellors.

There has been a large increase in awareness, knowledge and understanding of the issues that permeate childhood sexual abuse (CSA), both within the counselling field and the public. Much of this is down to the work of researchers and writers, such as Christine, who strive to bring together and report into the public domain what life is like, long term, for a survivor of CSA and the issues they have. There is much new material in this updated edition, such as in-depth chapters on self-harming behaviour, memory, sexuality and many more - all serving to provide the reader with a book that, despite the subject matter, is easy to read, follow and understand. In my opinion this book will be of great value to those already working with CSA survivors and essential for those who are considering such work.
Therapy Today
The third edition of this helpful book is shaped by current research and the author's clinical experience, and links current knowledge in child sexual abuse (CSA) with its impact and long-term effects. There is a great deal to take in... but the effort is worthwhile.
The Psychologist
Christiane Sanderson's book is a comprehensive text on the subject of working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse. It is through in its exploration of the many facets of this work. This is a shocking subject, and the author does not protect us from the harsh realities, which is one of the book's strengths.
HCPJ, January 2007
Christiane Sanderson is a lecturer in Psychology at London University, Birkbeck College, and Consultant in the School of Psychology and Therapeutic Studies, University of Surrey, Roehampton. With 15 years' experience working in the child sexual abuse field, she has run workshops for parents, teachers, social workers, nurses, therapists and counsellors to increase knowledge and awareness of CSA. She is the author of The Seduction of Children, also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
The publication of this edition should be welcomed. It has been totally updated and revised, with a different structure of chapter titles that are both clear and informative. Sanderson really thought hard about how to build on the earlier edition.
Community Care Magazine, January 2007
This excellent book is comprehensive in addressing the complex issues of working with child sexual abuse (CSA). This thought-provoking and optimistic book gives valuable new insights surrounding CSA and its impact. Suitable for experienced practitioners and those new to counselling, both will be able to use it as a reference guide when working with survivors who have specific presenting symptoms, how best to work with such symptoms, and how they relate to CSA. I have worked within this field for almost 20 years and I welcome this valuable resource, it has increased both my understanding and knowledge, this helps me to be more effective in enabling a client move from, as Christiane states, "Victim to survivor to Feeling Alive".
Accord Magazine
Counselling adult survivors of child sexual abuse is an essential addition to the libraries of clinics and counselling services, and essential reading for counsellors and researchers working in the field.
HCPJ January 2007
this excellent book strikes a good balance between theory, data and practical advice for workers and includes illustrative case material and practical strategies for counsellors. It conveys both the experiences of survivors and the enormous amount that can be achieved. It is a stimulating and optimistic book which would be suitable for all workers in this important area.
Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health
This is an expanded and revised third edition of a well-respected text, and I cannot imagine there is a more comprehensive, account of the impact of sexual abuse on the adult survivors.
Mental Health Today, Feb 2007

Praise for the second edition:

'Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse addresses the myths and mysteries while propelling a lifeline to both the health professional and the adult survivor. This is probably the most complete book on sexual abuse in publication.'

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Fore word
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
List of Boxes
Chapter 1. Introduction
Current Trends in Evaluation
The Structure of the Book
Chapter 2. What is Small Enterprise Development?
The Variety. of Project Objectives
Chapter 3. The Evaluation of SED Training
Evaluation of EDPs
McClellandls Evaluation in lndia
The GTZ Survey of EDP Evaluation
The ODA Study in lndia
Evaluation Study by Industrial Development Bank of lndia
The Stugy by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of lndia
Entrepreneurship Development in the Philippines
The CEFE Global Evaluation
Early Evaluations of CEFE in Nepal
Recent Evaluations of CEFE in Sri Lanka
Evaluation of the Graduate Entreprise Programme (GEP)
Cranfield (UK)
The ILO's "Improve Your Business" Programme (IYB)
ILO's MATCOM Programme
Chapter 4. The Evaiuation of Technology Programmes
The Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG)
Other Technology Programmes
Evaluation of Incubator Units
Chapter 5. Other Evaluation Experiences
Evaluation of ILO Programmes
World Bank Evaluation Studies
Evaluation of Other Programmes
NGO Programmes in Latin America and the Philippines
CARE'S Evaluation Framework
Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) in Pakistan
The SIDO/GTZ Crafts and Small Enterprises
Promotion (CSEP), Tanzania
Chapter 6. The Evaluation of Micro-Finance Programmes
Evaluation Issues for Micro-Finance Schemes
Evaluation Studies of Micro-Finance Schemes
Chapter 7. Outstanding Issues in Evaluation
Client as Customer
Who Benefits?
Separating Effects
Whose Time-frame?
Levels of Evaluation
A Hierarchy of Evaluation Measures
Training in Evaluation Techniques
Life Expectancy of Enterprises
Calculating Costs and Benefits
The Jury is Still Out on Small Enterprise Development
Chapter 8. The Mechanics of Evaluation
Who should Evaluate?
When should Evaluation Take Place?
What Measures Should Be Used?
Evaluating Other Non-financial Support Programmes
Chapter 9. Guidelines for the Future
The MSE Registration and Evaluation Form
Summary Sheet of ILO's SYB programmes
MSE GroupJFIT Partner Evaluation Form