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Zoran Djuric | Jasna Veljkovic | Miomir Tomic


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Psychodrama is a unique and entertaining beginner's guide to this active form of group psychotherapy, in which individual life situations, fears, inhibitions and emotions are explored on stage in a safe, non-judgemental and stimulating environment.

The authors, professional psychodramatists Zoran Djuric and Jasna Veljkovic, explain in user-friendly terms the basics of the technique and present a step-by-step guide to running a psychodrama session. Fully illustrated with colour cartoons offering examples of real psychodrama sessions, Psychodrama explores both the theory and practice in an accessible way. Also included are explanations of key terms, such as "auxiliary ego", "echo" and "sociogram", along with comprehensive descriptions of techniques and the significant stages in a psychodrama session.

As the first fully illustrated psychodrama book, this book will be welcomed by both students and professionals - whether wanting an accessible introduction, or to brush up on their knowledge. Readers will include psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, students, trainers, counsellors and other mental health professionals, as well as anyone interested in participating in or running a psychodrama group.

Zoran Djurić and Jasna Veljković, MA a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist respectively, have worked together in the Yugoslav Psychodrama Association at the Institute for Neuropsychiatric Illness in Belgrade for over 15 years. Zoran Djurić currently teaches psychodrama and Bion-Klein-Neokleinan analysis and was previously head of the Department for Psychosis at Padinska Skela, Belgrade. Jasna Veljković, MA is a specialist in clinical psychology and has pioneered psychodrama in Serbia. She has worked, using psychodrama, with psychotic patients for many years and has received an award for popularising psychodrama from the Serbian Association of Psychologists. Miomir Tomić is a professional freelance illustrator who has previously illustrated many books for children and adults, as well as regularly providing cartoons for newspapers.
This is a clear, delightful and excellent book about psychodrama that will be useful to experienced psychodramatists, trainees, family and group therapists and also to laypeople interested in psychodrama.
Anne Schatzenberger, UN Psychodrama expert
The use of cartoons to illustrate the text gives this a broad appeal; it gives a good overview of psychodrama, "shows" the examples clearly and may widen accessibility to learning about psychodrama in a humorous way. Those familiar with psychodrama and psychotherapy may enjoy this because it is a light-hearted yet informative read. But ultimately it may be of more use in helping to engage those with less knowledge or who would not necessarily read a pure textbook on psychodrama.
British Journal of Psychodrama and Sociodrama
... the writers have produced a book surprisingly easy to read and assimilate.This book is an excellent introduction for those new to the subject, as well as providing insights for those with more experience of this approach.
Therapy Today