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Introducing Mental Health

Introducing Mental Health

Caroline Kinsella | Connor Kinsella


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An easy to read, jargon-free introduction to mental health, this practical guide is written for qualified and non-qualified practitioners. The authors explain key concepts in easily understandable language, accessible even to those with no prior knowledge of the subject. They detail the major mental health disorders and the issues and implications surrounding them, and include separate chapters on personality disorder, dual diagnosis and self-harm. They provide in-depth practical information on: * the Mental Health Act * diagnosis and medication * risk assessment and management. This guide is full of useful information, practical suggestions, and strategies for anyone working with people who are experiencing mental illness. It will prove invaluable to housing workers, support workers, probation officers, prison health care officers, student nurses and anyone coming in to contact with mental health issues.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Introduction Rural Industrialisation
R. van Zwanenberg 5
Chapter 1 Community Development
and Small Industry
K. Nimpuno 7
Chapter 2 Pre-capitalist Industry in
Eastern Africa
R. van Zwanenberg 13
Chapter 3 Recycling Industry
L. Berg 19
Chapter 4 Workshops Today
K. Nimpuno 27
Chapter 5 Small Scale Production —
The Contemporary
L. Berg 37
Chapter 6 Training for Production
K. Nimpuno 51
Chapter 7 Village Workshop Equipment
H. Tollin & B. Oscarsson 55
Chapter 8 Village Workshop Design
K. Nimpuno 69
Chapter 9 Village Workshop
K. Nimpuno 73
Chapter 10 Official View on
Rural Industry
K. Nimpuno 79
Chapter 11 Towards Village Industry
K. Nimpuno 85