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Schools and Special Needs: Issues of Innovation and Inclusion

Schools and Special Needs: Issues of Innovation and Inclusion

Alan Dyson, Alan Millward


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Shortlisted for the Standing Conference on Studies in Education (SCSE) book awards for 2001 In Schools and Special Needs, the authors provide a critical perspective on the dominant 'inclusion' model of special needs education, in terms of implementation in schools and effectiveness of pupil learning outcomes. They take issue with the major advocates of the inclusion model and argue that a different way of understanding special educational needs in mainstream schools is both possible and necessary. The authors, who are eminent in the special needs field, use up-to-date material to develop a new model for special- education in schools.

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About the authors and contributors
1 Building bridges; changing lives
1.1. Cities without slums
1.2. Urban poverty – information poverty?
2 Women building disaster resilient communities
3 Women’s voices through video
4 Enabling women’s construction enterprises
5 Strengthening community savings and credit
6 Communities reducing kitchen smoke
7 Mothers campaigning for better lives
8 Sharing grassroots women’s knowledge
9 Building skills, enterprizes and roofs
10 Communities organizing infrastructure improvement
11 Facing slums issues through federations
12 Scaled-up urban waste responses
13 Learning lessons and informing practice
14 Redefining policies, regulations and processes