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The Seduction of Children

The Seduction of Children

Christiane Sanderson



This highly accessible and informative book offers practical strategies for the protection of children that all parents, teachers, and anyone involved in the life of a child will find indispensable. Providing the reader with an understanding of typical/normative sexual development in children, Christiane Sanderson enables parents and teachers to distinguish this from atypical sexual development and recognize the warning signs of sexual abuse.

The more knowledgeable and comfortable teachers and parents are, the easier it is for them to understand and talk openly with children about sexual development - this book offers guidance on discussing appropriate and inappropriate touching/behaviours and the dangers of sexual abuse in an age-sensitive way. The author presents information about abusers and how to protect against their attempts to gain access to a child through grooming children, parents and other adults, including up-to-date information on the use of the Internet and mobile phones.

Armed with the accurate knowledge and practical guidance on child sexual abuse provided in this book, parents, teachers, and professionals will be able to confront the threat their children may face and take practical steps to protect against it.

The Seduction of Children - a title that grabs your attention. It is a well-written, well-researched book encapsulating all areas, challenging the myths surrounding the secrecy of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) and presents the facts and patterns of CSA- psychologically, socially, historically, culturally and from today... Overall, it is an emotive, revealing and honest book, with Sanderson all the while acknowledging that knowledge and beliefs around CSA vary enormously. It is worthwhile and valuable reading - for professionals and parents alike.
Napot Journal
The book covers a lot of ground, ranging from international commercial sexual exploitation of children to abuse via the internet. Throughout the book, there are checklists that highlight important information about what to look out for and what to do. I felt that these were really useful and gave appropriate and current information, which could be easily accessed.
Children Now
Any child care professional would gain useful knowledge from this informative book.
Community Care
Christiane Sanderson is a lecturer in Psychology at London University, Birkbeck College, and Consultant in the School of Psychology and Therapeutic Studies, University of Surrey, Roehampton. With 15 years' experience working in the child sexual abuse field, she has run workshops for parents, teachers, social workers, nurses, therapists and counsellors to increase knowledge and awareness of CSA. She is the author of Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (2nd edition), also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.