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Good Practice in Adult Mental Health

Good Practice in Adult Mental Health

David Hewitt | Jacki Pritchard | Tony Ryan


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This text is a guide to good practice within adult mental health care, providing a comprehensive introduction to mental health and illness. It is designed to aid mental health professionals and workers, agencies, and any individuals coming in to contact with mental illness, in recognising a mental health need or problem and offering appropriate support.

This is an essential introduction written by practitioners, and also draws from the personal experiences of service users and carers, providing up-to-date and topical material covering major issues such as:

* the concepts of mental health, illness and recovery

* advocacy and empowerment

* legal and policy issues relating to practice

* gender and ethnicity in mental health

* violence and abuse.

The broad range of this book makes it an excellent resource for mental health practitioners, whether experienced or new to the field, support workers, students, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of mental illness and the mental health system.

There are articles on multidisciplinary teams, gender and race in mental health, carers issues, and contributions from individual service users and from the service user movement. A psychiatrist outlines theories behind medical diagnoses and a solicitor writes on human rights law. One welcome inclusion is a chapter recognising the stresses of working in mental health and the importance of support to front-line practitioners.
Community Care
Written for mental health professionals, as well as anyone who might come into contact with mental illness, this guide covers a wide range of issues, including theories, practices, law, and politics regarding mental illness, and the personal experiences of service users and social workers. The contributions offer case studies, vignettes, questions for group discussion, good practice points, and lists of further resources and useful organizations. The glossary defines key terms used throughout the volume.
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If only all practice was as good as the ideals promoted here.
Journal of Mental Health
Good Practice in Adult Mental Health is an excellent resource for mental health practitioners, that aims to provide the background knowledge to understand the theory, practice, law, politics and the personal experiences of service users and carers. Twenty-three contributors, in eighteen chapters, cover the concepts of mental health, illness and recovery; advocacy and empowerment; legal and policy issues; gender and ethnicity; violence and abuse... Good Practice in Adult Mental Health provides a good overview of the subject and will merit a place on the reading list for those working in, or those seeking a wider knowledge of, mental health care in the UK. Well recommended.
The International Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
1 The importance of storage 1
2 Principles of storage 2
Temperature 2
Moisture 3
Keeping pests out of the store 3
Control of pests in stores 5
Storage characteristics of selected food commodities 6
3 Traditional storage methods 9
Earthenware pots and gourds 9
Leaves 10
Bark 10
Baskets 11
Sacks 12
Basket silos 13
Roof storage 14
Maize cribs 15
Underground pits 16
Clamp storage 16
Small storehouses 17
Earth silos 18
4 Improved storage techniques 19
Plastic bags 19
45-gallon metal drums 20
The Pusa bin 20
Metal silos 21
Brick and ferro-cement silos 22
Storage in ventilated huts 23
Improved pit storage 24
5 Socio-economic context 25
Appraisal 25
Technology choice 26
Economic considerations 27
Social and cultural considerations 28
Monitoring and evaluation 29
6 Case studies 30
Improvements to traditional grain stores in Zambia 30
Flexible solar heat disinfestation devices for domestic and rural storage
of cereals in the tropics 31