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ADD and Me

ADD and Me

Ken Patterson



I'm always in a fog. I just don't seem to think very well. I am a man who has Attention Deficit Disorder and I invite you to take an impromptu trip through my life. But put on your fog lights and hold on for the ride.'

- Ken Patterson

In his personal account of life with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), award-winning author Ken Patterson richly illustrates the way in which the symptoms of ADD curtail the ability of an intelligent man to succeed in the most ordinary of life's events. Through episodes of childhood, educational experiences, employment, military career, and relationships, he reveals the subtle complexities of coping with situations most people take for granted.

This entertaining and compassionate book unsparingly describes a life distorted by impulsivity, distractions, obsessions, and anger. Illuminating, and deeply insightful, it will fascinate anyone who has come into contact with ADD.

Ken Patterson holds both an AA degree in Journalism from Cañada College and a BA degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He has written four novels and numerous short stories. He has also received four literary awards for four different pieces of fiction. Most recently, Ken published a behind-the-scenes article on training sheep dogs. He was also the subject of interest in his local newspaper which showcased his life as a writer and a stay-at-home dad. Ken currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife and two children.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
1 Introduction: Still standing?
Theo Schilderman
2 Emerging stronger? Assessing the outcomes of Habitat for Humanity’s housing reconstruction programmes following the Indian Ocean tsunami
Victoria Maynard, Priti Parikh, Dan Simpson, and Jo da Silva
3 Looking back at agency-driven housing reconstruction in India: Case studies from Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu
Jennifer Duyne Barenstein with Akbar Nazim Modan, Katheeja Talha, Nishant Uphadyay, and Charanya Khandhadai
Part I Asian case studies
4 A market-based programme to improve housing in the mountains of northern Pakistan – Addressing seismic vulnerability
Nawab Ali Khan and Charles Parrack
5 India: Gandhi Nu Gam, an example of holistic and integrated reconstruction
Yatin Pandya with Priyanka Bista, Abhijeet Singh Chandel, and Narendra Mangwani
6 Challenges for sustainability: introducing new construction technologies in post-tsunami Sri Lanka
Eleanor Parker, Asoka Ajantha, Vasant Pullenayegem, and S.Kamalaraj
7 Reconstruction in Vietnam: less to lose! Examples of the experience of Development Workshop France in Vietnam
Marion MacLellan, Matthew Blackett, Guillaume Chantry, and John Norton
8 Integrated people-driven reconstruction in Indonesia
Annye Meilani, Wardah Hafidz, and Ashleigh King
Part II Latin American case studies
9 Guatemala: knowledge in the hands of the people
Kurt Rhyner
10 Honduras: ‘La Betania’, resettlement of a flooded neighbourhood
Kurt Rhyner
11 Nicaragua: reconstruction with local resources in an isolated region
Kurt Rhyner
12 A roof for La Paz: reconstruction and development in El Salvador after the 2001 earthquakes
Claudia Blanco, Alma Rivera, Jacqueline Martínez, and Jelly Mae Moring
13 Peru: building on the vernacular
Theo Schilderman and Max Watanabe
14 Conclusion
Theo Schilderman, Eleanor Parker, Matthew Blackett, Marion MacLellan, Charles Parrack, and Daniel Watson
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