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Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability

Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability

Yvona Fast



Most people with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NLD) or Asperger Syndrome (AS) are underemployed. This book sets out to change this. With practical and technical advice on everything from job hunting to interview techniques, from 'fitting in' in the workplace to whether or not to disclose a diagnosis, this book guides people with NLD or AS successfully through the employment mine field. There is also information for employers, agencies and careers counsellors on AS and NLD as 'invisible' disabilities, including an analysis of the typical strengths of somebody with NLD or AS, and how to use these positively in the workplace. Practical information and lists of career resources are supported by numerous case studies to inspire and advise. An essential resource for people with NLD or AS seeking or in employment and their existing or potential employers.
Yvona Fast lives in Lake Clear, New York. She has NLD and has worked as a librarian and missionary and is now a freelance writer. Her invited contributors are experts in their field.
Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability is the best book I have read on AS/NLD and career issues. I also highly recommend it for the parents and other family members of people with AS/NLD, educators, vocational rehabilitation personnel, mental health professionals, employers, and even the general public. It is essential that more people learn about AS and NLD, and on how both disorders affect employment. Hopefully in the future, the prognosis for those with Asperger's Syndrome and Nonverbal Learning Disorder in the workplace will be more positive. This book is the first step on that journey.
Asperger's Association of New England Newsletter
This book is very suitable for people with Asperger syndrome who are conducting their job search independently or semi-independently, and who are interested in finding a career, not just a job. The author herself has a Non-Verbal Learning disorder and a large part of the book is devoted to contributions from other people with Non-Verbal learning disorder of Asperger syndrome, describing their experiences of employment. The later chapters look in depth at the issues, and provide lots of information and advice on the application procedure and dealing with your employers. Interestingly, the author recommends non-disclosure to employers, and instead suggests being honest about yourself and how you are without giving people labels. This is definitely a book for people who want to be taken seriously.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Employment for Individuals with\rAsperger Syndrome or\rNon-Verbal Learning Disability:\rStories and Strategies 3
Contents 5
Introduction 11
Part I: Career Voices: NLD Voices AS Voices 33
NLD Voices 35
1 I Should Have Listened 35
2 The Lawyer 39
3 The Long Road 43
4 The Research Associate 48
5 The Professor 52
6 For the Love of Books 60
7 Try, Try Again 66
8 The Corporate Backpacker 71
9 Teaching 78
AS Voices 82
10 The Prodigal Son 82
11 The Eccentric 89
12 The Transcriptionist 94
13 Great Expectations 99
14 Survival in the\rWorkplace 108
15 The Salesman 115
16 The Graduate 122
17 In Pursuit of Approval 126
18 The Entrepreneur 130
Part II: Career Strategies: Planning for a Career Finding a Job Maintaining a Career 135
Planning for a Career 137
19 Career Planning for the\rAS/NLD Individual 137
20 Career Counseling for\rthe NLD/ASWorld 156
21 Transitioning from\rSchool to Work 165
Finding a Job 171
22 A Short Intro to Job\rHunting 171
23 Presenting Yourself in\rPrint 173
24 Showcase Your\rWork:\rUsing a Professional\rPortfolio to Advance your\rCareer 175
25 Presenting Yourself in\rPerson 180
26 How to Survive the Job\rInterview 187
27 Questions to Ask at the\rJob Interview1 191
Maintaining a Career 193
28 The Employer’s\rPerspective on Hiring\rPeople with NLD/AS 193
29 Your First Hundred\rDays 200
30 Work Issues 207
31 Major Hurdles:\rSociability and\rCommunication 218
32 More Hurdles 232
33 A Few Lists 246
34 Disclosing:\rIf, When, and How to Do It 250
35 Some Commandments\rfor an Employer who is\rWorking with an NLD\rEmployee 257
36 Strategies for Successful\rEmployment 259
37 Workplace Bullying and\rthe NLD/AS Individual 262
38 You Have a Bad\rAttitude 281
39 Vocational Rehabilitation\rPrograms and the\rNLD/AS Individual 284
40 I Have A Dream 295
41 Individual Employee Plan 297
42 Career Choices 300
Part III: Resources: Disability resources Career resources 303
Disability Resources 305
Career Resources 320