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Children and Behavioural Problems

Children and Behavioural Problems

Martine Delfos


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In this wide-reaching and comprehensive book psychologist Martine F. Delfos provides practical guidance on the diagnosis, support and treatment of a variety of childhood behavioural problems, including anxiety problems, aggression, depression and ADHD. Presenting a useful and compelling model of the interplay of environment, disposition and central nervous system development, Delfos shows how differences in brain structure between the sexes may have a part to play in behavioural problems in children and adolescents. Children and Behavioural Problems is an essential resource for teachers, psychologists, social workers and other professionals working with children, as well as for parents seeking to support their children with special needs throughout their development.
Martine F. Delfos PhD is a psychologist who works with clients with a broad spectrum of behavioural problems. She is the author of several books in the field of child psychology, autism and behavioural difficulties. She is committed to the development of theoretical models that are directly applicable in the daily work of professionals.
There is a wealth of information and learning displayed in this book. Delfos is particularly good at drawing together research data to support a biopsychological approach to children's behaviour problems, and for that alone it is worth reading.

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