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Arts, Pedagogy and Cultural Resistance

Arts, Pedagogy and Cultural Resistance

Anna Hickey-Moody | Tara Page


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Arts, Pedagogy and Cultural Resistance brings cultural studies’ perspectives to bear on Arts practices. Each contribution synthesizes creative approaches to philosophy and new materialist understanding of practice to show how human-nonhuman interaction at the core of Arts practice is a critical post human pedagogy.

Across fine art, dance, gallery education, film and philosophy, the book contends that certain kinds of Arts practice can be a critical pedagogy in which tactical engagements with community, space, place and materiality become means of not only disrupting dominant discourse but also of making new discourses come to matter. It demonstrates how embodied, located acts of making can materially disrupt cultural hegemony and suggest different ways the world might materialize. It argues that the practice of Arts making is a post human cultural pedagogy in which people become part of a broader assemblage of matter, and all aspects of this network are solidified in objects or processes that are themselves pedagogical. In doing so the book offers a fresh and theoretically engaged perspective on arts as pedagogy.
Anna Hickey-Moody is Head of the PhD in Arts and Learning at the Centre for The Arts and Learning at Goldsmiths College, London. Anna has developed a philosophically informed, cultural studies approach to youth arts as a subcultural form of humanities education. Her books include ‘Youth, Arts and Education’ (Routledge, 2013), ‘Unimaginable Bodies’ (Sense Publishers, 2009) and ‘Masculinity Beyond the Metropolis’ (Palgrave, 2006). Anna has edited a number of collected works - recently she published an anthology on pedagogy, media and affect called 'Disability Matters' (Routledge, 2011) which explores how ideas and experiences of disability come to matter across assemblages of media, through vectors of affect and experiences of pedagogy.. Anna teaches and supervises in the areas of arts practice, youth culture, masculinity, the cultural politics of schooling and aesthetics.

Tara Page is a Senior Lecturer, the Head of the internationally renowned MA Artist Teacher and Contemporary Practices (MAAT) programme and the Curator of Social Practices for the Centre for Arts and Learning at Goldsmiths College. Tara was the co-editor of The International Journal of Art and Design Education (iJADE) for five years and served on The Publications Board for the National Society for Education through Art and Design for four years. Tara’s research interests include: new materialism, contemporary arts practices, critical and creative pedagogies; subjectivities and the phenomenological and ontological theories and practices of place and belonging; and embodied and practice-based methodologies.
By resisting the corporatized, neo-liberal university and the perpetual gendering, ethnicizing, and sexualizing of bodies and other artistic materials, the collection Arts, Pedagogy and Cultural Resistance brings to the fore a singular, new materialist theory of resistance, and it does so affirmatively. Taken together, the essays in this volume uniquely conceptualize matter’s transformative capacities as pedagogical, which imply the entangled nature of opposition and opportunity.
Iris van der Tuin, Associate Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Utrecht University
This collection is at once provocative and stimulating, focusing on the central issue of how to practice and think the consequences of affective power – in conceptual, and in experiential terms. The editors identify and frame the contributors research as new materialist, bringing to the disciplines represented here - political philosophy, the creative arts, and education - an enlivened and enriched set of methodological tools, offering new insights with clarity and rigour.
Felicity J. Colman, Professor of Film and Media Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University