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Restorative Dentistry E-Book

Restorative Dentistry E-Book

A. Damien Walmsley | Trevor F. Walsh | Philip Lumley | F. J. Trevor Burke | A. C. Shortall | Richard Hayes-Hall | Iain Pretty


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This title has been authored by practitioners working in the UK and is a concise textbook of restorative dentistry for the dental student. Illustrated in color throughout, the book covers the specialties of restorative dentistry - operative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics and prosthetic dentistry - in a single volume.

  • Treatment planning section demonstrates the integration of the main constituent specialties in the treatment of patients with multiple problems.
  • Realistic case studies illustrate useful day-to-day practice.
  • High quality colour illustration throughout with free use of key point boxes and tables.
  • New chapters on cariology and on immediate and complete dentures
  • Occlusion chapter completely rewritten and simplified
  • Expanded patient examination chapter
  • New sections at the end of each chapter covering more advanced techniques