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MRCOG Part 2: 200-plus EMQs, MCQs and SBAs

MRCOG Part 2: 200-plus EMQs, MCQs and SBAs

Alec S. McEwan


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This new e-book presents a selection of over 200 self-assessment questions in EMQ, MCQ and SBA format from the trainee journal Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine, mapped by module to the MRCOG Part 2 exam. These questions are designed to test and apply the knowledge essential for candidates to pass MRCOG Part 2. They are also ideal for life-long learning, CPD and, indeed, preparation for all post-graduate exams in obstetrics (not just MRCOG), including especially the new EBCOG exam in Europe and local college exams in India, the Middle East and Africa.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover\r Cover
Self-Assessment in Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Prepare for the MRCOG Fm-1
Copyright Page Fm-3
Preface Fm-5
Chapter 1. Gynaecology Questions 1
Benign Gynaecology 1
Extended Matching Questions 2
Multiple Choice Questions 9
Emergency Gynaecology 14
Extended Matching Question 15
Multiple Choice Questions 16
Oncology 17
Extended Matching Question 20
Multiple Choice Questions 21
Infertility and Reproductive Medicine 24
Extended Matching Questions 27
Multiple Choice Questions 30
Urogynaecology and the Pelvic Floor 32
Extended Matching Questions 34
Chapter 2. Gynaecology Answers 36
Benign Gynaecology 36
Extended Matching Questions 38
Multiple Choice Questions 45
Emergency Gynaecology 56
Extended Matching Question 58
Multiple Choice Questions 59
Oncology 61
Extended Matching Question 66
Multiple Choice Questions 67
Infertility and Reproductive Medicine 74
Extended Matching Questions 79
Multiple Choice Questions 83
Urogynaecology and the Pelvic Floor 87
Extended Matching Questions 90
Chapter 3. Obstetrics Questions 93
General Obstetrics 93
Extended Matching Questions 99
Multiple Choice Questions 103
Maternal Medicine 110
Extended Matching Questions 117
Multiple Choice Questions 118
Fetal Medicine 121
Extended Matching Questions 123
Multiple Choice Questions 124
Chapter 4. Obstetrics Answers 127
General Obstetrics 127
Extended Matching Questions 137
Multiple Choice Questions 142
Maternal Medicine 160
Extended Matching Questions 169
Multiple Choice Questions 171
Fetal Medicine 177
Extended Matching Questions 181
Multiple Choice Questions 182